US Warship USS Nitze Docked in the Bosphorus!

The US warship USS Nitze arrived in Istanbul and anchored off Dolmabahce. US Ambassador Jeffry L.Flake paid a visit to the ship. “Turkey and the United States are good allies. This is an amazing city and our sailors see it. USS Nitze is a wonderful ship with a crew of around 350,” Flake said.

The warship USS Nitze belonging to the US Navy entered the Bosphorus at around 08:00 from Sarayburnu.

Returning from the vicinity of Uskudar, the ship anchored off the Dolmabahce Palace.

Coast Guard teams accompanied the ship during its entry into the strait. The crew got on the deck of the 155-meter ship and watched Istanbul. It was seen that the Turkish flag was hoisted on the ship along with the US flag.

US Ambassador Jeffry L. Flake and US Consul General Julie A. Eadeh visited the ship in the morning. Ambassador Flake and Consul General Eadeh were greeted by the ship’s commander, Lieutenant Colonel Katie Jacobson, and the officers on board. .

Major John Thompson from the US Navy toured with the members of the press and gave information about the ship’s control room, emergency room, the section where the missile and ammunition systems are located, and the radar points of the ship.

It was learned that the ship departed from Italy for the purpose of making a regular visit to Turkey within the scope of strengthening the NATO alliance, and will stay in the Marmara Region for two or three days.

US Ambassador Jeffry L. Flake and the commander of the USS Nitze, Lieutenant Colonel Katie Jacobson, made a brief statement on deck.

US Ambassador Flake said, “We have friendships with Turkey. Turkey and the United States are good allies. We are pleased to be here with our Consul General, Julie A. Eadeh. This is a magnificent city and our sailors see it, too. There are about 350 crew and a wonderful ship here,” he said. Speaking after Flake, the ship’s commander, Lieutenant Colonel Katie Jacobson, said, “First of all, it’s an honor to be here. Turkey is a highly valued ally and friend of ours.”

It was stated that the USS Nitze ship, which operates within the scope of air, submarine defense and naval attack, took an active role in the Yemeni Civil War in 2016.

It is stated that the ship carries 96 missiles in the cells integrated into the ship, along with the heavy artillery at the front, and also has a static radar system.

The ship, which is approximately 155 meters long, also includes a helicopter.

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