Unique In The World: Sivas’s Doctor Fish

Many tourists from Turkey and abroad come to Kangal Balıklı Hot Spring, which is located only in the Kangal district of Sivas and is stated to be the only natural treatment center for psoriasis in the world. Those who come find healing with 'doctor fish' in selenium water.

Located 13 kilometers away from the Kangal district of Sivas, “Kangal Fish Spa” draws attention with its doctor fish, which are only found here in the world.

Skin patients such as psoriasis and eczema, who cannot find healing, find healing with the touches of doctor fish in selenium water at a temperature of 37 degrees.

Skin patients seeking healing from all over the world come to Sivas and visit the doctor fish. Patients can find healing here in a short time like 1 week.

Covid Did Not Visit This Hot Spring

No Covid-19 case has ever been found in the region where the Balıklı hot spring is located. For this reason, it is thought that the intense selenium in the hot spring water is good for the corona virus.

Despite this, some patients continue their treatment with the measures taken in the hot spring, which has become silent due to the corona virus. Ramazan Aydoğan, who traveled thousands of kilometers from Germany to this spa on the advice of his friend, said that he is getting better day by day.

“There Was No Doctor Or Hospital In Germany”

Psoriasis patient Ramazan Aydoğan stated that there were no doctors and hospitals he did not go to in Germany and said, “It itches, you cannot lie down, you feel ashamed because of these spots. There was no doctor or hospital I did not go to in Germany. I also went to doctors in Istanbul in Turkey. We even had a special cream made. I did not see any benefit. A friend from Sivas recommended this place. I looked on the internet and he brought his father to Balıklı Çermik. He stayed 10 days and recovered. The German doctor told me about this place. He said go there and you will see the benefit. So off we went. We traveled 4 thousand kilometers. We see the benefits and the wounds have healed.”

“90 Percent Of Patients Are Cured”

A psoriasis patient named Cemal, who came to the spa from Ankara to find healing, stated that he benefited in a short time and said, “I started to have psoriasis. I had a childhood friend from Sivas. He recommended this place. He said it would help the wounds. So I jumped and came here, it helped. It started to disappear slightly, a little bit. We need to stay a little longer. Psoriasis and eczema patients will benefit 90 percent here.”

“No Side Effects”

Turkey Hot Springs Association Board Member Fuat Ünsal, who is the owner of the business, said that the treatment applied in the fish spa has no side effects.

Ünsal said, “This is a scientific spa where scientists are constantly working on various unknown minerals such as selenium and silicon in 37-degree hot water with its water, fish and features, which is unique in the world. Kangal Balıklı Spa is the only place in the world where psoriasis and eczema patients can be treated without side effects. It has antiseptic properties because it contains selenium. It treats hundreds of thousands of people annually. It is also good for other skin and internal diseases, but the disease we emphasize is psoriasis and eczema. People come from all over the world. They are treated in the fish spa. Our patients see the difference in a short time like 1 week. For 21 days, they surrender themselves to fish and water,” he said.

“Selenium Is Already More Than A Medicine”

Ünsal stated that selenium is more than medicine and said, “Selenium in water is already more than medicine. The selenium of this place is a place with a unique selenium, there is selenium plum in the fishy hot spring, which is nowhere else. The fish are toothless, they take the wounds of psoriasis eczema diseases in humans with suction cups. It provides contact with water in a short time. The wound that comes into contact with water is treated in a short time. For this reason, we send people home from here by doing all kinds of treatment with natural methods without side effects, without using cortisone, without using drugs.”

“Not Even A Single Case Has Been Detected In Our Spa”

Stating that not a single case of corona virus was found in the spa, Ünsal continued as follows:

“Scientifically, there are studies and examinations of professors we know in our environment. They are also looking into this issue. Selenium has already been found to be beneficial for the corona virus. It even appears in advertisements. Ours is a natural selenium. Since it is a natural selenium, we have not yet been found to have corona virus. This scourge has been upon us for 14-15 months, but thank God, not even a single case has been found in our spa. None of our staff or us have corona virus. This is one of the rare places where corona virus is not found. This is a very special place, they can come and find their health here. As for the corona virus, there was no corona virus in our region, in the villages near here, in the people who use this place.”

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