Turkish desserts with sherbet : You can’t forget their tastes.

Desserts with sherbet are special to Turkish cuisine among the world cuisines. They are cooked by giving different shapes to leaven and adding sherbet consisting of sugar and water. There are Turkish desserts with sherbet which are made with an effort. Also there are Turkish desserts with sherbet which are prepared easily.

Desserts that are eaten by loving despite of gaining weight

Baklava requires mastership while making and it is the most difficult one among the other desserts with sherbet. Baklava, which is one of the traditionalsTurkish desserts , is prepared by lining in layers the thin sheet of dough and putting nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts  among them. Baklava, belonging to region of Gaziantep, is a patent Turkish dessert.

The most negative side of delicious Turkish desserts is that they have the effect of putting on weight. Turkish desserts with sherbet couldn’t take place innutritional habitswhich need to be paid attention after a certain age. Instead of these desserts, milky pudings are preffered. Milky pudings are lighter and digestable.

The secret tastes of Turkish desserts with sherbet

Sherbet is the most important stage that gives its taste to dessert and creates its shape. So, sherbet should be prepared expertly, arranged its consistency, and spilled on the dessert carefully. While preparing sherbet, it is added sugar to boiling water. Lemon juice is added to the dessert for making it more beatiful.

But lemon juice is not added to sherbet beforehand. Lemon juice is spilled after completely mixing sugar and water. If lemon juice is spilled beforehand, it makes sherbet bitter.

Desserts with sherbet become more beautifulafter waiting

The most important point is the balance of warmth and coldness while spilling sherbet. Hot sherbet is not spilled on the hot leaven. If the leaven is hot, you need to make sherbet cold. If the leaven is cold, sherbet is spilled as hot. Traditional Turkish desserts  are kept waiting for 4-5 hours after spilling sherbet. Desserts with sherbet are prepared one day before the feast. Then desserts are offered in the morning of feast.

Dried fruits ,which are used in traditonal Turkish desserts, must be raw. They should be sprinkled as raw, and that should be arranged by just looking at it.

The most favorite Turkish  desserts with sherbet

Here are the most favorite Turkish desserts with sherbet;


Althought many other different countries adopt baklava, it isofficially registered in the last analysis that baklava is a traditional Turkish dessert. It is certified that baklava will be stayed as an Turkish dessert forever and ever. Different types of baklava can be made according to region such as with walnut, hazelnut, and peanut. It is preferred on feasts, weddings, special days, and daily feasts of desserts.


Künefe, which is from east Mediterranean, is identified with Hatay. Melting cheese is put in leaven of kadayıf. The the leaven iscooked in the bakery, then sherbet is spilled. It is preffered after especially kebab.


The most important point is arranging sherbet in şekerpare which is made easily. Sherbet is spilled as hot on the leaven of şekerpare which was prepared and cooked beforehand.then it is kept waiting. Measure of sherbet, consistency, and waiting period are totally up to ability.

Tulumba tatlısı:

It is the most easiest and cheapest Turkish dessert with sherbet. While making this dessert, tiny leavens are fried with oil. Then the leavens are left into sherbet and let the suck in sherbet. Then it is taken from sherbet, and it is serviced.

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