Turkish Coffee Culture and Morals of Drinking Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a type of coffee that is special to Turkish people and has been existed for ages in Turkish culture. It is a good choice to start the day with Turkish coffee. Because, it provides to start the day energetically, also it cheers up the conversations.

The importance and value of Turkish coffee in Turkish culture are emphasized with the apothegm that a cup of Turkish coffee has the sake for 40 years.The meaning of Turkish coffee varies from region to region, and it can be preferred on a daily basis or special days.

When Turkish coffee is made with sugar in some regions, in the other regions,Turkish coffee is drunk by biting the sugar, which is “kıtlama” in Turkish. Turkish coffee is brought in compliance with different types of taste buds by adding milk or liqueur.

A cup of Turkish coffee has the sake for 40 years

Turkish coffee culture is an old culture and there are some rituals of drinking it.  Turkish coffee is prepared and consumed differently in each region. According to Bosnian culture, Turkish coffee is made without sugar, and  it is believed that Turkish coffee that is mixed with sugar cuts up the real taste of Turkish coffee. If it is wanted to drink Turkish coffee with sugar, a sweet layer is created in the mouth by biting a cube sugar. Turkish coffee is drunk by taking a sip of tea, then taking a bite of cube sugar.

The Caucasians make the coffee with milk but not every milk. They make coffee with the milk of cows which newly giving birth. Turkish coffee making with the milk savors of slightly sour, and this makes an indispensable coffee ritual for Caucasians.

There are so many idioms and proverbs that are related to Turkish coffee and won a sit in Turkish culture since very old times. If people wait so much time for making and servicing the coffee, it is said that “ Is coffee coming from Yemen ?”. The main reason is that  Abyssinia and Yemen are the old country of Turkish coffee.

The oldest hot drink of Turkish people; Turkish Coffee

The history of coffee in Turkish culture based on very old times. There are two different stories about how coffee takes part in Turkish culture. The first story is that 2 Syrian trades brought along the coffee in Ottoman territories on 1554.

The other story happened on the age of Suleyman the Magnificent. Suleyman wanted Turkish coffee from governer of Yemen, and he invited coffee makers and the most delicous coffee. Then masters ,who could make coffee in 40 different ways, settled, by this way Turkish coffee entered in Ottoman palace. They began to make Turkish coffee with the innovations and changes that are special to court kitchen. For example, adding different flavours with the rose petal to the water which is serviced by Turkish coffee showed up in this term.

Firstly, water is drunk then Turkish coffee is sipped

Turkish coffee was common in İstanbul, then it was carried in every part of Anatolia with time. Turkish coffee beans were ground by crushing. After that, it is made ready for drinking by roasting. Turkish coffee ,which came from Yemen, takes its final form with different types of making. Turkish coffee braises in copper pots. The best way of making Turkish coffee is on candle flame. Making Turkish coffee is on candle flame, which is a demanding method, creates quite delicious tastes.

It is common the technics of making Turkish coffee on sand and glowing fire. Drinking of Turkish coffee has a manner and rituel. People take a sip of the cold water ,which is serviced by the coffee, before drinking Turkish coffee that is a cultural motif. The mouth is cleaned and people can get the real taste of coffee.

Turkish coffee is not drunk without Turkish delight

Turkish coffee is drunk by slopping up. This method is applied for drinking foamy part and not losing foam of coffee. This method can be looked ridicuolus when looking from outside, but it is a part of drinking coffee rıtuel and it is considered as a manner of drinking coffee.

There are different offerings with Turkish coffee, and this offerings increase the taste of drinking. Turkish delight is primary among the most preferred offerings. Flower-flavoured or fruit-flavoured are the most preferred delights.

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