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Turkish Citizenship Application with Student Residence Permit

Today, with more than 250 state and foundation universities, high quotas for foreign students, and the advantage of geopolitical location connecting three continents, Turkey is among the most preferred countries in the world for higher education. Actually, thousands of foreign students from Asia, Africa and different parts of the world prefer Turkish universities to get a quality education. Foreigners who have been educated in Turkey with their internationally valid Turkish university diplomas can also get higher education or find the opportunity to work in different parts of the world. There is also a special arrangement for foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship with a student residence permit. In this article, we will provide information about student residence permit, Turkish citizenship requirements and the application process.

Criteria for Turkish Citizenship with Student Residence Permit

As you know, foreigners who applied for Turkish citizenship were required to reside in Turkey for 5 years retroactively from the application date. In addition, in the old regulation, half of the time that foreigners stayed in Turkey with a student residence permit was included in this calculation. In other words, for a foreigner who studied in Turkey with a 4-year student residence permit, 2 years of these 4 years were included in the calculation. However, with the new application, the entire period of residence of the foreigner in Turkey began to be included in the citizenship account. For example, if a foreigner who graduated from a university in Turkey with a 4-year student residence permit continues to reside in Turkey with a work permit for 1 year after finishing school, this person will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship by meeting the 5-year requirement.

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Things to Know

Let us remind you that foreigners staying in Turkey for educational purposes cannot directly apply for Turkish citizenship with a student residence permit. If you have a valid work permit or residence permit for family/deed purposes in order to apply for citizenship in Turkey. In addition, it is not possible to apply for citizenship with a residence permit for tourism purposes. If foreigners stay outside of Turkey for more than 6 months during their stay in Turkey with student residence permits, they lose the rights they gained from their previous residence periods. If you are going to stay in Turkey after your studentship and apply for citizenship, you must count the days, and then, if there is no obstacle for your application, you can make your application to the Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs in your city.

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  1. Hi I just wanted to know that if earn my 4 year undergraduate and 2 year post graduate degrees from Turkey, then ll I be able to secure turkish citizenship and if yes then how.

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