Traditionals that is special to Turkish culture and you can see frequently in daily life

Ancient turkish culture has changed in time. There are so many Turkish traditionals, which continues for centruries and still be alive, in specific parts of anatolia.

Increasingof urbanizing and being all together of different cultural structures bring to light the traditionals which are interesting and joyful. Here are the habits and traditionals you can see frequently in daily life. Also they can be surprizing for a foreigner.

Tactics of staving off negative energy

Whammy is believed in Turkish society. It is thought that jealousy of someone could harm the person. Earlobe is pulled to stave off this type of negative thoughts and whammy, then it is knocked to a wood like to knock the door for dissmissing the negative thoughts.

It might requires an academic teaching to be understood this traditional by an English person.

There are other habits to not be affected by whammy and negative energies. Biting the tongue is just one of them. Biting the tongue slightly and scratching the butt in a secret way are used as defensive measures which is demolish the negative energy.

Turkish hospitality                                      

The guests are hosted in the best way in Turkey. Because of that, home owners are interested in the guests and insist to stay more, and to eat, even to stay overnight.

  • When we come to your house, do we go so early like that ?
  • Stay more. Its too early. You can go later.
  • Why are you in a hurry ?

These are the most seen sentences in Turkish hospitality. Here are the possible dialouges in Turkish visits:

  • God bless your hands. Everthing was perfect.
  • I won’t let you without eating this
  • I’m full but…
  • Never mind. You should taste this.

The most seen situation is that the guest says he is full but the home owner insists to eat more.

The other insistence situation happens when visits are wanted to end.

  • Its time to go us.
  • Come on ! we are still sitting. What do you mean to go?
  • Never mind. Its time to go.
  • I cannot let you go. Sit please. We see each other once in a blue moon. I will make you tea and bring desserts.

The horn of green light:

Traffic in Turkey is troublesome a little bit. Traffic density is excessive especially in metropolis and people nearly compete with each other for going from somewhere to somewhere. To sound the horn when the green light is on becomes a traditional which is speacial to Turkish people. It is spreading more day to day.

Every person has the habit of sounding the horn when green light is on from young person who takes their driving licence newly to person who has driven car for 30 years. A warning with the sound of horn comes from the back at the moment that red light is off and green light is on. After the warning, the fur flied if the car in front does not move. To sound the horn increases and the people’s knees knock together.

To finish a half of doner sandwiches and ayran at the same time

Doner sandwich and ayran, which are spread to the world form Turkey, are quite delicious and satisfiying. When a person who eats a doner sandwich, you can be sure that he is a turkish person if he finishes the sandwich and ayran at same time. The habit of finishing the sandwich and ayran at the same time is instinctual. Foreigner can see the habits frequently in Turkey, and it can be meaningless for them.

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