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Top 7 Unusual facts about Turkey

Turkey is a country of vivid impressions and emotions that you will not get anywhere else. Today we will tell you some interesting facts about this country, many of which will surprise you.

1. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the oldest and largest shopping center in the world. It was built already in 1455 and is still known in all countries.

2. The girls’ favorite flowers are tulips – they come from Turkey, and not, as everyone thinks, from Holland. Turkey also gave cherries and coffee to the whole world.

3. 3. The dream of all children, Santa Claus turns out to be from Turkey.

4. Istanbul is a city where the metro connects two continents.

5. There are two wonders of the world out of 7 on the territory of Turkey. Namely, the Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus.

6. Arameans still live in the small town of Mardin, who speak the native language of Jesus – Aramaic.

7. The gifts that the newlyweds can expect at the wedding are either money or gold jewelry.

You can read this article in Russıan language:Топ 7 необычных фактов о Турции

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