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At the last years, Çeşme became a rising star for the concept of summer tourism. With no doubt, Çeşme has amazing beaches and important tourism facilities all over the district. But, on the other hand, the city has interesting destinations to visit. Çeşme, whose reputation has reached beyond the borders of Turkey in recent years, is one of the holiday paradise corners of the country. With its hot springs, clear sea, clean beaches, entertainment venues and many other riches, it is a holiday destination that is flooded by foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists. Let’s take a look at the top 10 places to visit in Çeşme.

1- Alaçatı

Alaçatı is a neighborhood of Çeşme. It’s stand out among the shining star holiday destination in recent years in Turkey with cobbled stone streets, concept stores and boutiques, bustling nightlife, pubs, beaches and visitors flocked to the summer. Alaçatı, where the original architecture is preserved, is a region where boutique hotel businesses are concentrated in our country with its stone boutique hotels. Alaçatı, which is a frequent destination for those who do not like warmth with its wind, makes you feel yourself in a different atmosphere with its beautiful houses.


2- Ildır

Ildır Village was a settlement known as Erythrai in ancient times. The region, named after Erythros, which means red in Greek, has a rich history of humanity since the Bronze Age. The sunset and sunset views of the village, which has been set for many television movies and series, are wonderful.

3- Ilıca Beach

Ilıca is 5 km away from Çeşme district center. Ilıca Public Beach, with its thermal waters boiling in the sea, a length of up to 2 km, and a golden yellow fine-grained beach, is a favorite of both excursionists and those who want to take advantage of their summer vacation. The coastline of Ilıca is adorned with the famous Çeşme kumru. There are many accommodation alternatives in Ilıca, one of the most important holiday destinations in Çeşme.

4- St. Haralambos Church

Built in 1832, the church was built in memory of St. Haralambos. Ayios Haralambos Church, which is a Greek Orthodox church, has been abandoned for many years. Later, the restoration work started in 2010 under the leadership of Izmir Municipality was completed in 2012. With the restoration, fine workmanship in the architecture of the church has also emerged. Ayios Haralambos Church is used as a place where various exhibitions are held today.

5- Caravanserai (Kervansaray) Hotel

The caravanserai, which was built to accommodate foreign merchants during its period, was built in 1528 to revive trade in the region and especially for foreign merchants to come to the region. A caravanserai, which was restored and converted into a hotel in the past, today opens its doors to its visitors as a hotel with 45 rooms. Apart from being a hotel, there are various entertainment venues and many shops, large and small, where you can shop.

6- Sakızlı Bay

Sakızlı Bay, which is about 4 km away from Çeşme, is one of the most ideal places to swim within the borders of Çeşme. Sakızlı Bay, which gets full marks from those who want calmness, pleases its visitors with its clear and clear sea and pristine beach. You can feel the beauty and sincerity of the Aegean life in Dalyan and Sakızlı Bay, which are almost a corner of heaven.

7- Çeşme Castle and Archeology Museum

Although the exact date of its construction is not known, it is thought that Çeşme Castle was built by the Genoese in the 14th century. Later, in the early 1500’s, the castle was organized and enlarged by Bayezid II. Today, the International Çeşme Music Competition and the Çeşme Festival are organized every year in Çeşme Castle. When you look from Çeşme Castle, you will be at peace in the face of the landscape where history embraces blue. Today, Çeşme Archeology Museum is located in Çeşme Castle.

8- Marina

Today, Çeşme Marina is the most attractive point of city center. It has a capacity of 400 boats at sea and 100 boats on land; It can serve yachts up to 60 meters in length. The marina, which also hosts a large number of cafes, restaurants and shops, has also triggered the development around it and turned into the most vibrant area of Çeşme.

9- Eşek Island

Eşek Island is one of the places visited by boat tours departing from Çeşme center. Eşek Island, formerly known as Goni, is famous for its clean bays and donkeys living on the island. Due to its location, the island is a sheltered area closed to northern winds, and is a stop where yachts and boats anchor and take a break.


10- Deliklikoy

Deliklikoy is located in Alaçatı, an important brand in Çeşme tourism. The bay, which is 3 km away from Alaçatı Port, has become one of the most well-known bays in the Alaçatı region with its popularity among young people in recent years. The white rocks of Deliklikoy, which is on the route of the campers especially on weekends, give life to the magnificent photo frames. There are many better beaches around Çeşme where you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun. Deliklikoy can be visited to experience its interesting atmosphere.

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