Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Sivas

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  • Double Minaret Ancient School
  • Cifte Minaret Madrasa
  • Ulu Mosque
  • Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort
  • Pasabahce Recreation Area
  • Sugul Valley
  • Koyunkaya Recreation Area
  • Cat Plateau
  • Gokpınar Lake
  • Buruciye Madrasa
  • Gemerek

Sivas is an important center for Anatolian civilization. Throughout the history, Sivas had hosted a lot of different civilizations with its fertile geography.  The city of Sivas, which is of great importance in terms of its historical location on the Silk Road and the King’s Road, fascinates its visitors with its historical values, natural beauties and hot springs. Sivas, one of the most important cities of Anatolia, is of great importance with its historical artifacts and historical texture, especially from the Seljuk period. You will find the top 10 best places to visit in Sivas in this text.

Çifte Minareli Madrasa

The madrasa, located in the city center of Sivas, is a historical building that was built in 1271 and survived until today. According to the information written in the book, the madrasa was built by Sahip Şemseddin. If you happen to be in Sivas, you should definitely visit the madrasa. Today, the madrasa has only two magnificent minarets, and one has a crown gate. The entrance door of the madrasa decorated with floral and geometric motifs and its two brick minarets decorated with tiles are very beautiful. Double Minaret Madrasa is one of the symbolic structures of Sivas.

Ulu Mosque

Sivas Ulu Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Anatolia, contains a very important history. The mosque, which is estimated to be built during the Danishmend period (1085-1178), does not have a dome. The important mosque is located in the city center.

Ulu Mosque

Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort

Sivas Yıldız Mountain was started to be projected by the Ministry of Culture for tourism management in 2006 and nowadays it hosts many winter sports, businesses and different facilities. Restaurant, cafe, ski center, children’s playground, hotels, ice park, tracks and many activities where you can spend time are waiting for you. If you visit Sivas at the winter season, you should visit this important ski resort to have a memorable experience.

Paşabahçe Recreation Area

Paşabahçe Recreation Area is one of the recreation areas that have become the favorite of the local people with its cafes, restaurants, hiking trails, travel and picnic areas. With its green nature, wetlands, fruit trees and pergolas, the Paşabahçe Recreation Area, which helps to rest the soul and body of the human being, is a very large place built on 160 decares of land.

Şuğul Valley

Located in Sivas Gürün, this valley enchants nature lovers with its hiking trails. There is also a fish restaurant and a country coffee in the Şuğul Valley. Here, a long and pleasant walking opportunity awaits you with the hiking trail from the beginning of the canyon to the end of the valley.

Koyunkaya Recreation Area

Koyunkaya Promenade, located at a 12 km. distance to İmranlı city center, is another of Sivas’s natural beauties. A somewhat challenging journey awaits you to get here. But at the end of the road, the pine forests, springs gushing from the rocks, colorful flowers, inverted tulips, daisy fields and the harmony of nature will make you forget all the difficulties.

Çat Plateau

Located in the Gemerek district of Sivas, this plateau adds a natural beauty and a lush image to the city, offering many activities to the visitors with picnic areas, log houses, children’s playgrounds and seating areas.

Gökpınar Lake

It is 10 km from Gürün district of Sivas. Gökpınar Lake, located at a distance of 15 meters, is fed by the sources coming from the bottom. Famous for its trout, the lake is the center of attention with its touristic facilities, recreation and promenade places.

Buruciye Madrasa

This madrasa, which is one of the valuable famous works of Anatolia, was built in 1271 by the Seljuk Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev. This historical building, which is known as the most symmetrical madrasa in Anatolia, has been opened to use by the Sivas Mufti for various educational activities today.


There are wonderful natural beauties in Doğanşar district of Sivas as well as all over Anatolia. Plateaus, caves, streams, lakes and waterfalls… But we think these distinguished places of the district have remained a little in the background until today due to a little lack of publicity and transportation problems. But we can clearly state that Doğanşar, which has considerable beauties, is one of the regions you need to explore in Anatolia.

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