Tongue Cut Off While Kissing!

Ceyda Ersoy, one of Turkey’s phenomena, shared those moments with her followers on her social media account, saying that her tongue was cut off while kissing. Ceyda Ersoy’s posts quickly became the agenda on social media. Ceyde Ersoy, shared the note “One normal one will not find me, bye bye dear stay away from me”.

Ceyda Ersoy’s tongue was cut off while kissing. Ersoy, who shared his Instagram account, shared from the hospital. Ersoy, “Am I the only one whose tongue is cut off while kissing?” he asked and said, “Oh! It hurts so much!” said.

Ersoy later shared the videos she recorded while she was stitching her tongue saying ‘beyond the joke’.


Ersoy said in the video he published by saying “One normal will not find me. It’s tragicomic. Mr. bye dear, stay away from me”: I’m fine, friends, thank you for your wishes. It’s planted now. Unfortunately, an unfortunate thing happened to me. I guess I didn’t know very well. We hadn’t kissed for a month though. I don’t understand if he doesn’t know how to kiss or is he a pervert? Don’t even greet a scorpio with a piece of advice.

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