TikToker, Who Was Trying To Get Ahead in The Queue, Was Battered By Women

An unknown TikToker, who participated in the event held on New Year’s Eve in the United States, did not want to stand in line, saying that it was very nice to eat and drink and that she had 70 thousand followers on TikTok. . When he persistently tried to get his food and drink without getting in line, the other people waiting in the queue battered the phenomenon.

The images taken on New Year’s Eve in the USA, but now revealed, reveal the dimensions of what was done to gain followers on social media.


Insulted Women

A TikToker with 70 thousand followers did not want to enter the queue where dozens of people waited for minutes to avoid getting in line. She insulted the women above him. In the video taken by another TikTok user, it is seen that TikToker said to a woman who warned him to get in line, “I am beautiful, you are ugly” and insulted him heavily.



The two women later warned Tiktoker not to insult them, but when the phenomenon insulted the women, the three women grabbed their hair at the same time and attacked them. In the video shared on social media, most of the users said that TikToker, which was attacked, deserved a beating.


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