This Machine Marked The Year 2050 For The Apocalypse!

Created in 1973 by the world’s top university professors, the supercomputer marked the year 2050 for the apocalypse after knowing that the world would plunge into a climate crisis in 2020.

When or for what reasons the apocalypse will occur is still a subject that is being researched by humanity. The world’s best professors, who came together in 1973, developed a supercomputer to answer this question. The supercomputer started making predictions for the apocalypse based on the state of climate change in the world.


The computer created by the professors predicted that there would be a climate crisis in the world by 2020, and he was not mistaken in this prediction. The computer’s new prediction shuddered those who heard it. Because the computer predicted in which year the end of the world would come.



According to the data in the computer, the event called “Apocalypse” by many people will take place in 2050, when the world enters the climate crisis. By 2050, the world will become uninhabitable. This will bring doom. The understanding of the apocalypse differs from each other according to religions and cultures.

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