They Set A New Date For The Apocalypse!

The legend that the apocalypse will break out on December 21, 2012 had a great impact in Turkey. Now, a new history has emerged that stunned everyone. Allegedly, on June 6, 2025, the sky will be completely green and bad things will happen to humanity. It is not yet known whether this claim is related to global climate change. Ever since mankind existed, it has shown great interest in myths and stories about the end of the world. A claim made in the past years had great repercussions at that time and everyone started to be interested in the subject. According to this claim, it was claimed that the apocalypse would break out on December 21, 2012.


Now A New History Has Appeared

After this date, a new date was put forward. According to the claim circulating on social media, in June 2025, the world will make a completely different turn and the sky will turn green with an uncertain source.

Bad Things Are Alleged To Happen

Again, according to the same claim, this green situation does not benefit people and bad things happen to people on the same day. This claim, which is met as quite interesting, is expected to be talked about more in the coming days.


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