Things you have to Take Along Definitely in Travelling Outside of the City

To make interurban travel in Turkey, there exist many alternatives. In Turkey at which land and airway transport are quite prevalent particularly, seaway and railway are between other options you can consider. It is likely to reach all cities of Turkey by bus. Similarly, you can travel to four corners of the World via 55 airports present in Turkey. In other words, Turkey is a country where a lot of alternatives exist in terms of interurban transport. By choosing the opinion most convenient to you, you can travel the city you wish.

We have compiled the most essential things you have to take along in travelling between cities in Turkey. By having the things we will mention, you can realize a safe and comfortable travel.

Definitely take along your Passport

Foreign nationals who make interurban travel in Turkey should take along their passports absolutely. As your passport substitutes your identity while being in a foreign country, it is very important not to experience any trouble in possible security controls.

For instance, in travelling by land, security forces may conduct security control from time to time. These controls are routine ones. If you have entered Turkey through legal ways and not at fugitive position, there is no need to afraid of such controls. Therefore, keep your passport in a safe place of your bag and clothing and carry along with you. Besides, it would be good to have a copy of your passport in case something happens.

Carry Cell Phone with You

Today, smart phones become like an inseparable part of our life. When it is thought that it is benefited from cell phones for many objects like communication, obtaining information, navigation, buying ticket, etc. paying attention to carry cell phone throughout your travel would be useful.

In making contact with people particularly, in case of failing to speak the same language you can take advantage of the vocabulary in your phone, thanks to online translation applications, you can communicate more easily. In most of transportation vehicles in Turkey, free Wi-Fi services are presented. Therefore, you can benefit freely from your smart phones.

Important Note: In order to use your sim card in Turkey, it is highly important to get the necessary information from your GSM operator.

Do not throw your ticket

Do not throw your bus flight, train or ferry tickets throughout your travel. Most likely, you do not face with any trouble, but still, you keep your tickets during your travel.

Turkish Lira and Credit Card should be with you

To go shopping in way stations and other shops you stop by during travel, be attentive to have cash Turkish Money. Some places may not accept foreign currency or credit card. Therefore, not to experience any problem, it would be better to have Turkish Money. With bank or credit card, you can shop and draw money from bank branches or ATMs that are found widely in Turkey. However it would be for your benefit to call your bank and approve if your card is active in Turkey.

Carry Convenient Clothes

Turkey is a country where many seasons are experienced at the same time. Namely, while it snows in medium sections of the country, people may have a swim and enjoy the sun. Having regard to this condition, by formerly checking weather forecast of the place you will go to, carrying convenient clothes will be very well.

For example, when you go from Ankara to Antalya in December, you can observe serious difference in air temperature. But in order to be prepared against all kinds of possibilities; looking at weather forecast before travel provides an advantage to you.

Let us indicate another point in addition: when you make travel by bus, your suitcase is put in baggage of bus and a card is given to you. In order to receive your suitcase at the end of travel, you should show this card to bus official. That is to say, you should keep the card you take in delivering your suitcase during your travel.

Having Turkish Vocabulary in Your Pocket is helpful

For instance, if you arrive Turkey from Afghanistan, keeping a Turkish-Afghan vocabulary will provide convenience in making contact with people for you.

While saying you want to drink coffee not tea, showing Turkish equivalent in Afghan language of coffee to waiter will become sufficient. If you come from the countries where Arabic or Persian is spoken, presence of many common words in Turkish with Arabic, Persian languages may quite facilitate your job. Of course, because of smart phones physical vocabularies have started to become outdated, but nevertheless carrying Turkish vocabulary by holding yourself in readiness will be for the benefit of you.

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