Things to be known by Institutions that want to Employ Foreign Teacher

With National Education Basic Law, all official and private schools in Turkey have been affiliated to Ministry of National Education and integrity is ensured between institutions. Foreign teachers who will work affiliated to Ministry of National Education in Turkey complete their processes to start profession in the direction of the provisions of the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners no. 4817. According to provision of this law;

Foreign teachers cannot wok in any educational institution without work permit issued by Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

The principles on contracted working of foreign teachers in affiliated to Ministry of National Education was published in the Official Gazette dated 02.11.1985. According to this decision taken by Council of Ministers;

The number of foreign  teachers to be assigned in the schools which deliver education in foreign language is restricted with 400, their contract periods cover 2 year period firstly. At the end of two year, their contract periods are extended in time slice of 1 year and involves maximum 5 year period.

How is Salary of Foreign Teachers identified?

To the wages of foreign teacher, ceiling limitation is put and it is grounded that it does not exceed fourfold of gross monthly salary in total of a teacher who is on salary form the highest scale.

The regulation on qualifications and selections of foreign teachers was published in the Official Gazette dated 07.02.1986. According to this regulations, the terms like

  • Not to turn age 45 for foreign teachers,
  • To have graduated from at least 4 year higher education ,
  • To have got minimum 2 year experience in his/her field, etc. are sought.

In article 38 of the same regulation, the expression “no education term is sought for the teachers who are successful in any art and sport branch at international level.” exists.

Working Criteria in Turkey for Foreign Teachers

In order to be able to work in Turkey, there exist some evaluation criteria set for foreign  teachers by Ministry of Labour and Social Security. According to these criteria;

  • In the educational institution which wants to employ foreign teacher, at least 5 citizens of  Republic of Turkey should be employed.
  • In the event of employing teacher more than one in the same educational institution, five (5) citizens of Republic of Turkey for each working foreign teacher should be
  • According to foreign teacher employment criteria, business should have at least 100.000 TL paid up capital or minimum 800.000 TL gross sale.
  • The wage to be paid to foreign teacher should be at least 3fold of minimum wage.

Regulation on Employing Foreign Teachers in Schools of Minorities

Employing foreign teachers in the schools which operates within embassies and consulates in Turkey is also indicated in article 54 of regulation for implementation of the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners”. According to article of this law;

Foreign teachers make their applications via Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Through residence permit with working purpose which is set out by Ministry of Internal Affairs, they can perform teaching profession.  Separate work permit is not needed for such applications.

Another area of working for foreign students is schools of minority. Employing foreign teachers in the schools of minorities in which Turkish citizens having completely different languages and religions study shapes purely depending on principle of reciprocity and the cultural agreements.

In conclusion, to be able to teach in their branches of foreign teachers in Turkey, firstly they should receive,

  • Residence permit
  • Preliminary permission certificate from Ministry of National Education
  • Work permit from Ministry of Labour.

The principles and procedures valid to take work permit for foreign teachers also comprise the arrangements required for other foreign employees. Except for preliminary permission certificate regarded as necessary during application, some exclusive criteria are also considered by the ministry and these exclusive criteria are completely personally identifiable.

In case the applications made to employ in Turkey by foreign teachers are cancelled, it should be waited for 1 year and new application should be made one year later.

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