They Pedaled From Istanbul To Agri For Nature

In order to raise awareness about the protection of nature and forests, two nature-loving cyclists pedaled from Istanbul to Agri.

In order to raise awareness about the protection of nature and forests, two nature-loving cyclists pedaled from Istanbul to Agri. 66-year-old Ali Fuat Gulsen and 40-year-old Can Sabuncuoglu, riding their bicycles from Istanbul with the slogan “green road for forests”, created awareness about the protection of forests and nature. set out to create After crossing the difficult ramps and crossings and staying in tents and sometimes in hotels at night, nature lovers went to Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum after the Black Sea. He reached Agri by pedaling for a kilometer. The two friends, who toured the city center and chatted with the local people, later returned to Istanbul by plane.


Pedal 2 thousand 148 kilometers per month

Speaking to AA correspondent, Can Sabuncuoglu said that their journey was difficult but enjoyable. Sabuncuoğlu stated that they have been on the road for about a month. “We came this far by bicycle. We wanted to draw attention to forests by pedaling 2 thousand 148 kilometers. We set out for the right to life of greenery, plants and animals. The road was physically tiring, but we, the people we met on the road and the people we met on the road, felt at home when entering Anatolia. The fact that he invited everyone to a cup of tea or soup from a corner motivated us even more.”

Pointing out that the bicycle is the most beneficial means of transportation for nature, Sabuncuoğlu said that after leaving Istanbul, they toured the Black Sea for a while, then went to Central Anatolia and then to the Eastern Anatolia Region.

Photograph: Anadolu Agency- Abdullah Soylemez

Previous awareness tours have served their purpose

Ali Fuat Gulsen explained that he has been doing amateur mountaineering for 30 years and climbing all the mountains of Turkey. Gulsen said that she had been traveling around Turkey on her bike for about 10 years, and that she had pedaled in various awareness events organized for leukemia, flamingos and toys in previous years. , “We did this activity to protect forests and to green forest areas. We decided to pedal for the future of our children. There were many ramps, but our journey was beautiful.” used the phrase.


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