The World’s Strongest Dog: Kangal

Kangal Shepherd dogs, a unique dog breed in the world, have a well-deserved reputation in Turkey and abroad. Kangal Shepherd Dogs are very brave, very fast and agile. Kangal dogs, which are very attached to women and children and extremely deterrent to malicious people, are very intelligent, forward-thinking and extremely attached to their owner. When scolded by his owner, he bows his head like a guilty child and looks into her sad eyes, begging for forgiveness. They show their emotions not only by state, movement, facial expressions and gestures, but also by barking in various tones. Kangal shepherd dogs are very loyal to their duties.


Alright; It is told by the Kangal farmers that they wait for days without food or water at the head of the sheep that leave the herd or stay behind on the mountain. The biggest source of pride for the farmers who own the Kangal Shepherd Dog is that their dogs choke the wolves. Owning a wolf-choking dog is a privilege and a source of pride for them.

Despite being neglected for centuries, he has not made the slightest concession to his racial characteristics or high spirit. It is very dependent on the nobility of the blood. It is not possible to mate with another carnivore, even when free in the wild. Trained for military purposes in 1975, it has proven to be far more capable than any dog ​​breed that has been trained in this direction for centuries.

A Good Dog Should Have:

sivas kangal
  • Intelligence: Medium-high
  • Reliability: It should not harm the herd animal and its owners.
  • Attention: Attention and attention should be paid to the task.
  • Protectionism: It should be reactive (barking – attacking) to strangers.
  • Strength: It should be strong enough to stop the possible enemy (wolf – thief).
  • Speed: Must be fast enough to chase and catch potential enemy.
  • Courage: Courage can be said to be the most important trait. Because a dog without courage cannot be effective even if it has the other 6 characteristics.

It is possible to find all these features in Kangal dogs at the highest level. Due to these characteristics, Kangal dogs will always protect the value they deserve and the first place among the dogs of the world.

Kangal Shepherd Dog History

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is a dog breed that has been protecting its herd from malicious people and wild animals for centuries. Its existence has been known since Babylonian times. These dogs were used as war dogs as well as horse and lion hunting. Its origin is estimated to come from Kangal District of Sivas Province. Despite this, it is possible to come across pure blood in Yozgat, Kayseri, Çorum, Tokat, Erzurum and Erzincan. In the same way, it is possible to come across crosses in every region of our country with our dog breeds, which are known by names such as Karakaya and Kızılkaya, but do not carry another foreign name such as Turkish Shepherd Dog in their blood.

kangal dog

However, it is possible to find first degree pure Kangal Shepherd Dogs in Sivas or especially in Kangal district. In the 17th century, Evliya Çelebi mentions these dogs, which he describes as strong as lions, in his travel book. It is thought that the founders of the Ottoman Empire brought this dog with them to Anatolia, and with the spread of the Ottoman Empire to Europe, most European Shepherd Dogs descended from this breed. In the archives of the Ottoman Empire period, Kangal dogs are mentioned and pedigree breeding is mentioned.

The fact that Kangal Shepherd Dogs live without disturbing their racial characteristics from past to present is attributed to being the most reliable friend of the farmers who make their living from sheep breeding and being the only dog. It is among the world’s dog breeds that can resist wolves. Kangal dogs fulfill the task given in the most difficult climatic and working conditions at the expense of the killer. The fact that the maintenance and feeding conditions are simpler and more economical than other dog breeds has ensured the continuation of the breed.

dog kangal

Features of the Type

  • Nose Mouth Structure: Mouth-nose structure is short, blunt chin is strong. The teeth are sharp and strong, and the lips are drooping. The eyes, ears, around the mouth and up to the nose are black.
  • Eyes: Quite small compared to the skull, round and golden-brown in color. The eye area is black. Appearance is lively and noble.
  • Ears: Medium-sized, triangular, rounded at the tips, attached to the head and drooping.
  • Head and Chest View: Looks like a lion when viewed from the front. The head is supported by a large strong neck.
  • Neck: Slightly curved, strong and muscular, of medium height, well-built, straight, thick-boned, strong and long wrists. The anterior chest is wider than the posterior and the shoulders are muscular.
  • Body: The body is square from head to toe. The body is strong, muscular, never fat. The chest is deep to the elbow, the abdomen is slightly retracted.
  • Legs: Legs are strong. The front legs are stronger than the hind legs. Feet are large, strong, convex toes and black.
  • Tail: Quite high, low and curved when relaxed, high and curved on the back when stimulated.
  • Body Color: It can be from taupe to steel color. There is a white locket on the chest.
  • Hide: It has a short and dense hair structure on a dense lower hide.
  • Weight: Male 50 – 60 kg, Female 41 – 59 kg
sivas province


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  1. Hi,
    My name is Vladimir. I live in Serbia, Belgrade. I want to know is it possible to buy two Kangal dogs and importe them in Serbia.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Vladimir.
      First of all, thank you for your comment. I personally do not support the sale of dogs as a commodity. So I cannot answer your question. Thanks for your understanding. Yours sincerely.

    2. There’s a guy named Gus heyden he breeds huge mother fuckers kangal and alibi mix my male is a freak tipping scales at 268 pounds and all power insane in human like strength carries a car tire and rim.

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