The Woman With The Biggest Lips in The World!

Note: Images are representative.

Doctors say “You must stop, there is a danger of death” ! The woman with the biggest lips in the world will go under the knife once again…

Andrea Ivanova, the 25-year-old woman with the largest lips in the world, said that she will have plastic surgery once again, regardless of the doctors saying “You have to stop, you are in danger of death”.

25-year-old Andrea Ivanova, who holds the title of “the biggest lip in the world”, surprised everyone with her new step. The young woman, who has undergone 32 surgeries and filled her lips so far, said that the doctors warned her.

biggest lips


Andrea Ivanova said the doctors had to stop and warned her of the danger of death. However, the last statement of Ivanova, who did not listen to the doctors, surprised everyone.


Stating that he took all the risks, Andrea is preparing for a new record in lip augmentation. Although his friends tried to dissuade him from this stubbornness, they have not been successful so far.

biggest lips

Note: Images are representative.

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