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The woman whom Germany put a bounty on her head to be found surrenders

She disappeared with 1 million euros! The woman whom Germany put a bounty on her head to be found surrenders

A woman named Mirnesa, who suffered a loss of 1 million euros from her money transfer company in Germany last year, returned to her country and surrendered. The fate of the money stolen by the woman, who was given a reward of thousands of lira for finding it, is unknown.

“Germany’s Most Wanted Woman”

Touted as “Germany’s most wanted woman”, 42-year-old Mirnesa S., who disappeared last year after stealing 1 million euros from her money transfer company, emerged weeks later.



In the news in Bild, one of the most read newspapers in Germany, it was announced that Mirnesa landed at Stuttgar Airport yesterday and surrendered to the police. While investigating what Mirnesa did with the missing 1 million euros, it was also stated that it is not known where the money is at the moment. Sources speaking to Bild also claimed that Mirnesa did not provide enough information to the police.


The manhunt began after the disappearance of Mirnesa, who carried out the robbery in October 2022. Chief Inspector Ilona Bonn told Bild, “More than 180 reports came from all over Europe. But these were inconclusive and we couldn’t find the woman.”



Mirnesa, who disappeared with 1 million euros, was awarded 37,500 euros.

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