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Thief Stole $1 Million In Germany!

Thief Stole $1 Million In Germany!

42-year-old Mirnesa S., whose house in Germany is only 340 steps away from the police station and who stole 1 million euros in front of the teams, was on the agenda. While the failure of the police was the number one agenda of the country, the following headlines were made in the German press: “So far, there has been some news for Mirnesa. But we can’t find him right now, he is still wanted.” missing.” “.

Germany has launched a manhunt for 42-year-old Mirnesa S., who works for a cash transfer company in Stuttgart. The disappearance of Mirnesa, whose house is only 250 meters from the police station, stealing 1 million euros from under the nose of the police, became the first agenda item of the German media.


Local authorities took action for Mirnesa, who was found to have stolen 1 million euros in mid-October, but disappeared when she learned about it. The success of Mirnesa, whose home is only 340 steps from the police station, was ridiculed by the failure of the police.



While it was announced that her house was empty, local police officials said, “So far, there have been some reports about Mirnesa. But we can’t find her right now. Mirnesa is still missing.”


“He moved here in the summer of 2021,” Mirnesa’s neighbor told Bild. He said he was a branch manager and worked from noon to midnight.” The owner of a bakery serving in the area said, “He lived a very quiet life. “Sometimes he took a walk with his handsome partner and his dog.”


Bild, one of Germany’s most widely read newspapers, also reported that the police set up an emergency hotline for Mirnesa.

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