The Unusual Rahmi M. Koc Museum

If you are bored of visiting mosques, palaces of Istanbul, then we want to invite you to visit an unusual, but very interesting place – the Rahmi M. Koc Museum. Not all travelers know about this museum, but it can be viewed for several days. The museum will be interesting for both children and adults, because you can find a lot of entertainment on its territory.

The History of the Museum

Most of the buildings were built during the Ottoman Empire and a visit to the museum will tell you about the development of industrialism in Turkey. The museum complex “Lengerhane” is called “foundries”. In 1991, the complex was purchased and restored by the Rahmi Koc Foundation. This Turkish billionaire has done a lot for Turkey. And so, 3 years after the start, the first exposition of the museum started working.

The museum is located in the Beyoglu district, near the Golden Horn. This museum can be absolutely honestly included in the most interesting museums in Istanbul. After the opening of the first exposition, the museum expanded for many more years, and is still expanding. In 2001, Rahmi Koc bought the neighboring square and opened the marine part of the exposition on it.

Rahmi Koc himself became interested in technology as a child, after his father gave him the first toy railway. You can see his love for them as soon as you enter the museum, there is a huge number of collectible vintage trains.

Rahmi M. Koc Museum Exhibits

Arriving on the territory of the complex, you will not immediately feel its size. At the entrance there is a museum part, trains, steam locomotives, boats, the world-famous red bus from the Harry Potter movie, and various cafes are on display. The museum consists of thousands of exhibits that are collected to this day.

The museum area is huge, about 27,000 sq.m. The whole area is divided conditionally into 3 parts: the historical building “Lengerhane”, the historical part “Haskey” and open areas.

All sections of the museum are divided and include: aviation, railway, road and maritime departments. You will see old boats from all over the world, there is a big plane with a ladder on the street where you can climb and take pictures, a tram, a steam locomotive, the oldest and first cars, technical cars and more. You will definitely be interested in a large area where vintage cars are presented: Cadillac, Rolls Royce, Buick. But these are not just exclusive cars, every year there is a show where famous actors and stars go out in these cars, and you can see them waving at you. Separately, the original Harry Potter car, on which he flew, is presented. It is also worth visiting a real submarine, which organizes an exciting tour for children and adults.

Educational events are constantly held in the museum, during which employees show the actions of certain phenomena, for example, you can see how olive oil is produced.

Also in the museum you will find collection sections, there are ancient means of communication, various scientific instruments, you can see a sewing machine from 1865, washing machines from the inside, electric toys and various engineering tools. A separate part is dedicated to former President Ataturk, you can see his original clothes, awards, the first articles about him. Of course, there was also a territory about Rahmi Koc himself, there is even his figure and an infinite number of his awards and gifts from all over the world in the museum.

The complex shakes with its majesty and interest, the information is presented in both Turkish and English. The price is very affordable, you can see in the photo below.

We advise you to visit the Rahmi M. Koc Museum, you will leave there under a great impression.

You can read this article in Russian language: Необычный музей имени Рахми М. Коча

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