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The “TikTok BORG Trend” Was Dying In The US!

The “TikTok BORG trend” was dying in the US! During the fun night, many students were poisoned and taken to the hospital.

At the University of Massachusetts in Boston, USA, many students who were poisoned due to the “TikTok BORG current” were treated in the hospital. Two people are in custody in connection with the incident.

University of Massachusetts (UMass) officials reported that 28 ambulances were sent to the scene due to excessive alcohol consumption due to the “TikTok BORG stream” at the entertainment night attended by its students. Noting that the poisoned students were not life-threatening, the authorities noted that many state institutions in the region were mobilized due to the seriousness of the incident. Local police said two people were detained in connection with the incident.


In the statement made by UMass officials, it was shared that weekend activities will be reviewed and trainings on alcohol consumption will be increased. In the statement, it was reminded that university students were educated about the psychological and health risks caused by excessive alcohol.

TikTok BORG trend


The “TikTok BORG trend”, which has recently come to the fore in universities in the USA, is a new fashion promising a “reduced” drinking method on the Chinese social media platform. BORG stands for “blackout rage gallon”; refers to an alcoholic beverage made with water, vodka, caffeinated sweetener, and electrolytes.

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