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The Sexual Note and Underwear on The Glass Shocked!

The Sexual Note and Underwear on The Glass Shocked!

While walking from his home to his car in the morning in Australia, the person was surprised to see the underwear and sexual content in the vehicle. After the same situation happened to many men, it turned out that a company left the laundry for advertising purposes.

A person in Australia walking out of his house to go to work in the morning and walking towards his car was shocked by the note and underwear he found in his car. The man, who immediately looked at the note on his car, was once again surprised by the words “You left these at my house last night”.

sexual note
The Sexual Note and Underwear on The Glass Shocked!


The truth emerged soon after many men across the country experienced the same situation. Accordingly, it turned out that the notes and underwear left on men’s cars were prepared by a women’s underwear brand for advertising purposes.


After the incident spread in a short time, the communication unit of the brand was also praised. Social media users stated that the move was extremely wise and that other companies should follow an example.

sexual note

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