The Second Biggest Canyon of the World : Ulubey Canyon Travel Guide

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Ulubey Canyon is the second biggest canyon of the world after Great Canyon. The canyon is located in the Ulubey district of Uşak city of Turkey. This canyon, which is among the largest canyons in the world, is 45 kilometers in average and has a depth of 170 meters. Ulubey Canyon hosts thousands of visitors from many countries of the world every year with its amazing landscape and sightseeing routes. Ulubey Canyon is located at an average distance of 30 kilometers from Uşak. The visitors can easily go to this canyon by navigation or with the help of a road banner.

Ulubey Canyon

Formation of Ulubey Canyon

This canyon, which is heaven on all sides, is 45 kilometers in average. This area, which is 170 meters deep, is one of the places visited by many people. This area was formed due to the continuous erosion of the soil, which is filled with erosions. This soil, which contains granite and sand stone, contains hard rocks in it. Especially in the formation of such canyons, the air flow has a great effect. These canyons formed in dry air flow have a geologically special structure. Paragliding and nature walks can be done around the Ulubey Canyon in the tourism region.

Activities in Ulubey Canyon

It is possible to visit the canyon. Whether you want to rent the land vehicles rented there, or if you want to mingle with nature, it is possible to explore the Canyon on foot. In addition to these, you can do many activities in the canyon. The activities you can do in the canyon are as follows;

  • Balloon trip
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Paragliding

Ulubey Canyon is located 30 kilometers from the center. There are trips every hour to reach the canyon in the district of Uşak. You can easily reach the Ulubey Canyon with these trips. If you have an adventurous nature and want to reveal this adventurous spirit, it is also possible to climb the hills overlooking the canyon and camp there with your tent.

Glass Terrace Landscape

There is a glass terrace above the canyon to feel the breathtaking view of the Ulubey Canyon. If you have a fear of heights, you don’t need to be afraid here. The windows in the glass terrace are extremely thick and bulletproof. We recommend that you go to the glass terrace and enjoy the magnificent view of the Ulubey Canyon. The canyon, which has a magnificent view, offers a distinct beauty for those who want to watch the sunset.

The idea of building a glass terrace is a very interesting idea, it was put into service in 2015. It has an architecture that overlaps with the Ulubey Canyon. There is a large cafeteria inside, and its 135 m2 area is completely covered with glass. Thickness of bullet-proof glasses is 30 mm thick. Ulubey Canyon Glass Terrace, which is built on an eerie cliff, is not afraid of the height, or we recommend you to go to the glass terrace despite everything. You can eat inside and drink your coffee and tea while watching the unique view. The Ulubey Canyon Glass Terrace project was built upon the decision to open the region to tourism. Indeed, it has reached the targeted number of tourists after it was built.

For those who want to visit Ulubey Canyon, the entrance fee is 3 TL. There are places to buy many souvenirs in the entrance area of the canyon. If you have children with you, there are amusement parks suitable for them as well. It is possible to visit the Glass Terrace of Ulubey Canyon between 08:00 – 01:00 every day of the week.

Ulubey Canyon Transportation Guide

We recommend that you prefer a bus to get to the center of Uşak. There are buses to Kanyon, which is 30 kilometers from the center, from the center every day. If you want to travel in a group, you can explore the region by participating in holiday tours. The nearest airports are Kütahya Zafer and Denizli Çardak Airport. You can find direct flights from Istanbul and Ankara to these airports. You will find buses to Ulubey everyday, which is 30 km from Uşak city center. You will not have any difficulties in transportation. Another alternative is to use the Manisa Alaşehir road.

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