The “Sea Of Fog” In Cappadocia Became The Focus Of Tourists

Tourists visiting Cappadocia, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers, watch the "sea of fog" from the observation point.

Tourists visiting Cappadocia, which is covered with fairy chimneys and interesting rock formations, watch the landscape, which has often been covered with fog in recent days, from Uçhisar Castle, the dominant point of the region.

Uchisar Castle, one of the symbols of Cappadocia, which hosted many civilizations in the past, welcomes tourists.

The 179-meter-high giant fairy chimney, from which the wide geography of the region can be observed, allows tourists to watch the natural beauties from a bird’s eye view.

Tourists climbing the stairs to the summit of the structure, which was carved into many rooms during the Roman period and used by the people of the town for shelter until the 1960s, watch the unique view.

Tourists who visit the summit, which offers the feeling and appearance of being above the clouds when the region is covered with fog, have a pleasant time.

Chinese tourist Sun Kaichun stated that he was impressed by the historical and natural textures in Cappadocia, which he visited for the first time.

Pointing out that the foggy weather gives the environment a different look, Kaichun said, “We started a sunny day in the morning. Then the fog started and the surroundings became invisible. It is very pleasant to watch the surroundings from this high point.”

Liu Zhiyuan, one of the Chinese tourists, stated that he was excited to take a stroll in Cappadocia, which he recognized from photographs, and said, “There are very different landscapes here. We went to the top of the castle and took photos when the fog came down. Cappadocia is very beautiful.”

Mustafa Erdem, one of the local tourists, described the view that emerged around fairy chimneys and rock formations with the effect of fog as “magnificent”.

Tuğşad Baş, a tourist guide accompanying foreign tourists in the region, said that Cappadocia offers surprises to its visitors by taking on different appearances 12 months of the year.

Explaining that it is in an interesting position with its natural beauties as well as its historical and cultural richness, Baş said:

“The feature that distinguishes Cappadocia from other tourism destinations is its land structure. You cannot find the view offered by fairy chimneys anywhere else. Fog is a weather phenomenon that often manifests itself here. Cappadocia gains a very different beauty when the fog covers it. The historical buildings here especially attract the attention of our Chinese guests. They really like the scenery created by the weather conditions. The fog, which shows its effect from time to time, causes a different ambiance in the region. Cappadocia has a different appearance in the summer months, and offers a different beauty when it is completely covered with white cover in the winter months.”

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