The place and importance of bazaar in Turkish shopping culture

There are many different types of products are sold in distrinct bazaar like vegetables, clothes, household items, and dries food. There are distrinct bazaars at nearly 300 thousand points. Turkish people prefer bazaar as in the first place.

Distrinct bazaar creates  history of Turkish shopping culture. They survive and continue with their shopping culture despite of thousands of malls .

Distrinct bazaars ,which are the house for street shopping, become a popular place for everyone. The shopping in bazaars is dispensable for each family. It is possible to find many different products in these bazaars that are set at specific distincts and in specific days. The most important point of distinct bazaars is to socialize people with each other. People, who go to the bazaar regularly, begin to know each other after a while. Bazaars are the source of social interaction and national consciousness.

Stallholder’s farcical shouts

Also, producers exhibit their products in bazaars. There are competitions between stallholders. There is a tradition in Turkish bazaar culture:

Stands selling  the same products cannot be set side by side. Unfair competition is prevented thanks to this way, and there will be more fair selling system.

Stallholders try to sell their products by shoutting slogans and they revive their sellings with songs. These are the indispensable elements of Turkish bazaar culture.

“ I wish I have money to buy it”

“ Come my sister, choose, reserve. The one not buying it will regret. The one buying it will feel lucky”

Competions can happen between the stallholders with these shouts. That gives pleasure to people. You cannot see the marketing of product by shouting like that except from Turkey. You have a chance to taste the product, which is the another detail you cannot see anywhere.

You can taste the cheese, olives, nuts, figs. You can do shoppings after controlling the flavours.

Distinct bazaars are set in everyday at everywhere in Turkey

Wherever you are in Turkey, you can see the setting of distinct bazaars at specific days. Although so many markets and malls are opened but still bazaars survive. Housewives prefer district bazaars while they are shopping. The main reason of that is weekly shopping. Turkish women go to bazaar for a shopping, and they buy their needs. So, the thought of “ what should I cook tomorrow ?” dissappears thanks to this way.

Turkish bazaar culture continue to live with modern places of bazaar

Setting and selling systems differ from past at Turkey that is a modern country. In the past year, places of bazaar were big and empty. Stallholders came to the place early an set their own stands.

Nowadays, the places are constructed which is closed and stands are already set. These places not only for bazaars. Also there are other opportunities which are served for other needs like toilets, lactation room, and house of worship in there.

Nowadays, there are organic bazaars and high-end flea bazaars except from distinct bazaars. Completely organic foods are sold as fresh in organic bazaars.

In high-end flea bazaars, there are clothes, bags, and jeweleries of many trademarks. They are even cheaper than marked price.

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