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His left eye is blue and brown, and his right eye is green. Kahramanmaras clerk Mehmet Eser surprises those who see him with his 3 different colored eyes.

Clerk Mehmet Eser from Kahramanmaras surprises those who see him with his 3 different colored eyes.

Mehmet Eser, who works as a clerk in a workplace where he is one of 6 brothers in Kahramanmaras, draws attention with 3 different colors in his eyes. Eser, who was born with his left eye brown and blue and his right eye green, became the center of attention. Eser said, “At first, my mother expected a boy because she had 4 daughters. My right eye is green. Many people say that I am a Van cat. It attracts the attention of girls and children. Especially my primary school child. The teacher would sit me in the front row and say that he is happy when he sees me.” He said, “I retired from disability when it went from 36 percent to 70 percent.

His mother prayed

Stating that his mother prayed, “If I have a son, the situation will be different,” Eser said, “My mother expected a son to have a son because she has 4 daughters. My mother prayed that if I had a son, it would be different from the girls.”


Stating that he had vision problems after 2007, Eser said, “I retired as a disabled person when my vision loss increased from 36 percent to 70 percent.

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