The Most Internet-Eating Apps!

The Most Internet-Eating Apps

In order to keep mobile data usage at a lower level, we wanted you to be aware of the apps that eat the most internet. Here are the details!

The expensive internet packages in our country cause us to be cautious most of the time. If you want to keep your usage under control to save your internet package, we are here with the list of the apps that eat the most internet. So which apps consume the most internet?

As you can guess, video and image-heavy mobile apps are the ones that use the most internet. For this reason, it will be very useful to update your settings in these types of applications to save data.

Which Apps Eat the Most Internet?

  • TikTok 1 GB / Hour
  • Instagram: 720 MB / Hour
  • YouTube: 300 MB / Hour
  • Netflix: 250 MB / Hour
  • Snapchat 160 MB / Hour
  • Facebook 160 MB / Hour
  • Spotify: 72 MB / Hour
  • Chrome: 60 MB / Hour

The measurements were based on 360p resolution on YouTube and low resolution setting on Netflix. It is also important to note that the data saving settings in these apps were not turned on when the data was calculated. Final data usage may vary depending on your device and the settings configurations you choose.

1- TikTok

Hourly Data Usage: 1 GB

TikTok, which has become an application that many people actively use during the day, continues to increase its popularity day by day. However, among the applications we use most frequently today, it is the one with the highest hourly data consumption. When you spend 1 hour on TikTok, you will use 1 GB of data.

2- Instagram

Hourly Data Usage: 720 MB

Instagram, which we all love to use, is a data monster. If you want to spend an hour on this platform, you need to sacrifice approximately 720 MB of internet. For this reason, Instagram undoubtedly stands out among the most important applications you should pay attention to.

The Most Internet-Eating Apps

3- YouTube

Hourly Data Usage: 300 MB

The resolution you choose for the videos you watch on YouTube has a direct impact on data usage. On the other hand, for an average user, YouTube’s hourly data consumption at 360p resolution can be calculated as approximately 300 MB. Of course, do not forget to adjust the resolution settings for less data consumption.

4- Netflix

Hourly Data Usage: 250 MB

Netflix imposes resolution restrictions on mobile data usage. So if you want to stream or download a one-hour movie, you have to sacrifice 250 MB of your internet package. It’s actually a much better compromise than other apps. But keep in mind that this data is for low resolution.

Internet-Eating Apps

5- Snapchat

Hourly Data Usage: 160 MB

If you want to browse Snapchat, the once popular social media platform, you will consume 160 MB of data every hour. To make a simple calculation at this point, viewing or uploading a Snap will consume 1 MB on average.

Internet-Eating Apps

The Most Internet-Eating Apps

6- Facebook

Hourly Data Usage: 160 MB

If you like watching videos on Facebook, you will consume 160 MB of data during an average one-hour browsing session. If you skip the videos, your hourly data consumption will be halved to 80 MB. In short, the choice is yours.

Internet-Eating Apps

7- Spotify

Hourly Data Usage: 72 MB

Depending on the quality setting you are listening to, 96Kbps will consume 43MB of data per hour, 160Kbps will consume 72MB per hour and 320Kbps will consume 144MB per hour. Spotify allows you to choose between these three settings and most users use 160Kbps. Therefore, you can consider that you are spending 72 MB per hour.

Internet-Eating Apps

8- Chrome

Hourly Data Usage: 60 MB

Data consumption figures in Chrome are often not easy to determine. This is because the websites you browse will be the main factor determining how much data you consume. In a mixed test, we found that the average hour of use consumed around 60 MB of data.

Internet-Eating Apps

We have come to the end of this list we have created for you. So which applications are the ones that force data consumption on your smartphone? Do not forget to share your opinions on the subject with us and our other readers in the comments section below.

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