Facebook’s News Tab is Closing: In Which Countries?

Facebook’s News Tab is Closing: In Which Countries?

Meta announced that Facebook will close the News tab. So in which countries will it be closed? Here are the details!

In a blog post, Meta announced that it will close the News tab, known as Facebook News. There are many reasons for the removal of the News tab, which will be discontinued as of December.

Users will still be able to log in to their accounts where they publish news content and access links.

In which countries will it be removed?

Facebook’s News tab was previously removed from Canada due to the Online News Act.

After news was removed from Facebook and Instagram, Canadian Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge announced that other countries were considering similar legislation.

In a new blog post, the company announced that the News tab will be removed from the UK, France and Germany as of early December 2023. One of the biggest reasons for the removal of the tab is the service area of the application.

Facebook's News Tab is Closing

The company gave the message that the News tab is not among its primary services. Because it said that the purpose of people entering Facebook is not to read news or politics.

The main purpose of users is to meet and connect with other people. The news tab makes up less than 3% of the Facebook feed.

For this reason, news is a small fraction of the content users see on the app. While the ability to view news was not completely removed, it was decided that the tab would cease to function.

Meta said that they are also working to ensure that users have access to reliable information.

It said it works with independent third-party verifiers certified by the International Verification Network and partners with more than 90 independent verification organizations that review content in more than 60 languages worldwide.

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