Tiktok turns into a search engine: Collaboration with Wikipedia

TikTok, which is used as a search engine especially among young people, collaborated with Wikipedia as a strategic move and added the information in the search results.

TikTok’s user base now uses the app as a search tool for a wide range of information, including local food options and news updates.


According to the Verge, Wikipedia links were discovered in search results for various topics on Tiktok.

TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer officially acknowledged the collaboration between TikTok and Wikipedia to provide users with access to in-app information.

While Kizer stated that this feature has been in operation for several months, it appears that the company has not made an official announcement.

So far it has been largely unreported by the media.


The Wikipedia plugin appears in in-app search results as users scroll down the page.

It is placed between relevant videos and when the user clicks on the result, they are taken directly to Wikipedia.

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