It Was Produced For the First Time in Turkey!

The morel mushroom, which grows naturally in certain regions of Turkey but cannot be produced outside of a few countries until now, was produced for the first time in Turkey in the greenhouse established at Alata Horticultural Research Institute in Mersin and for the first time in Turkey. In Turkey.

First time in a greenhouse in Turkey. Effective results were obtained. It is aimed to present the mushroom, which is 400 TL for fresh mushrooms and 3 thousand TL for dried mushrooms, to the taste of the farmer as an alternative product after the R&D studies are completed.

Alata Bahce, affiliated to the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has a place in Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable production in order for the producer to benefit from the economic value of the morel mushroom grown in the natural environment in Mersin, which has an important economic importance, but it has not yet been culturally produced. The study was carried out by the Directorate of the Research Institute of Cultures. The institute team, which had made small trials before, planted morel mushrooms they collected from nature in the greenhouse to prepare the ‘Culturation of Lamb’s Belly’ project.


The mushrooms, which started to show themselves as of March, disappeared completely within a month and some of them reached the level of harvest. It was noted that since the kilogram price is 400 TL, 300 to 700 kilograms of products can be purchased in an area of ​​approximately one decare, and this will provide the producer with a profit of 120 to 280 thousand TL. It was stated that the project will be implemented and production will continue after the R&D studies of the mushroom, which costs 3 thousand TL in dried form.

Aimed to Increase Farmer’s Income

Providing information about the study, Institute Director Assoc. Davut Keleş said, “As Alata Horticultural Research Institute, which is affiliated to the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, we do a lot of research. One of these projects is the result of a project we did. We developed it to see how we can grow morel mushrooms in our greenhouse. As you can see. At altitude you can see morels growing in the Taurus Mountains, which shows that our business is successful.”


Great Income Generated

Reminding that Morel is known by many names, Assoc. Keleş said, “A very valuable mushroom, indispensable for French cuisine. Morelli French dishes are sold at 4-5 times the price. Because morel is also known as a source of healing. With morel cultivation.” mushroom, we produce a product between 300 kilograms and 700 kilograms per decare. Considering that fresh morel mushrooms are sold for 400 TL per kilo, a large income is obtained. It offers the opportunity to earn between 120 thousand and 280 thousand liras. The difference will increase even more with the R&D studies we will do.” This shows the importance of R&D studies to be carried out. Thanks to our lamb belly breeding project, we are growing it in a greenhouse for the first time, not in nature. Of course, it is grown in a few countries in the world, but this is a first in Turkey.”

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