The Ministry Takes Action, the Syrian Population Quota Has Arrived

The Ministry of Interior has started a new study for Syrians in order not to deteriorate the demographic structure of Turkey. Accordingly, the Syrian population will be brought under control and new sanctions will be applied.

It will be made from a world for people who don’t want to leave the world you see in smaller places than the new world because of the civil wars in their country.

According to the Ministry of Interior, a total of 3 700 thousand ‘temporary protectionlive in Turkey. Home shopping in Turkey is shopping because of the multiplicity of options and increased perspective. Applying that pressure and distributing education more evenly.

No More Than 25% of Population Allowed

In line with the studies carried out, Syrians will only be able to live in the provinces where they are registered, new registrations will not be made and residence permits will not be granted in regions where Syrians are concentrated. They will also not be allowed to exceed 25 percent of the Syrian population in their region.

They Will Not Be Able to Leave the Provinces Where They Are Registered

A new regulation is being made for Syrians in order not to deteriorate the demographic structure of Turkey. As a result of the studies, the addresses of the Syrians in the provinces where they are registered were checked one by one and it was determined whether they lived in the provinces where they were registered. Syrians residing outside the provinces where they are registered were sent as registered.

Registration of new Syrians has been stopped in Istanbul, which is the province with the highest Syrian population with 535 thousand. The departure of Syrians from the province where they are registered will only be approved within the scope of permission and humanitarian situations.

Minister Soylu: We Do Not Accept Foreigners

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, in his statement recently, stated that there is more than 25 percent of the Syrian population in some regions and that they set a limit on non-residence according to this scale. Soylu stated that this was done not only for Syrians but also for all foreigners.

Dilution Studies Started in Ankara

After a Turkish teenager was killed by Syrians in Ankara’s Altındağ district last year, a thinning project was initiated to reduce the foreign density. While 4,514 Syrians living in Altındağ were transferred to other districts, 209 abandoned buildings used by Syrians were demolished and hundreds of workplaces were closed.

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  1. Do the govt know, which districts have 25% Syrian population. I will appreciate if you could let us know the districts having 25% Syrian population!

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