The largest park in the center of Istanbul is Gulhane

Istanbul is not only a city of architecture, but also a city of stunning nature. Here at every step you can meet a lot of incredible beauty of flora that will delight you. We recommend visiting not only architectural buildings that have historical significance, but also pay attention to parks, because they also have their own value and history. If you are tired of big Istanbul, allow yourself to relax for a few hours in nature. One of the oldest parks in Istanbul is Gulhane.

Gulhane Park start from the outer gardens of the Sultan’s Topkapi Palace. You can immediately notice the park because of the magnificent gates. The park is located in one of the most touristic areas – Eminonu, so you don’t have to go far. The park is beautiful at any time of the year. There is an archaeological museum adjacent to the park, so you can spend your time usefully. There is also a monument to Kemal Ataturk in the park and there is such a legend that if you touch his knees, it will bring you good luck. It is not surprising that the monument looks outdated, because everyone wants to try their luck.

In spring, the world-famous tulip festival takes place in the park. At this time, the park blooms and acquires new colors. At this time, crowds of tourists come here, people arrange photo shoots every day, because not everyone manages to capture such a miracle.

The park is very large green area, there are fountains, flower beds, cafes and picnic areas everywhere.

Gulhane Park is something between the old and the new era, on the one hand a century-old history, and on the other a park with modern amenities.

You can read this article in Russian language: Крупнейший парк в центре Стамбула – Гюльхане

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