The Golden Rules of Having an Impressive and Strong Identity in Business Life

You don’t have to stand up all the time, but at least some small tactics can work. Here is some advice from a perception management expert that might work for you no matter what your job is.

The basis of the business label is to create an effective image with strong communication methods in business life. Although the business label varies from country to country in the cultural field, its basic rules do not change.

  • Here are some rules of the job tag:

1. Get to your appointments on time

If possible, get used to being at the meeting place ten minutes before each appointment. This will give you time to collect your thoughts, breathe, calm and focus. Being out of breath and sweat on every appointment you go causes you to project an undisciplined and disrespectful image to the other party.

2. Clothing

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The shape, color and style of the clothes you should wear change according to the situation, but the condition that it should be clean, ironed and sparkling does not change. In any case, try to dress like people who are a few feet above your work position. For example, if you are an employee, dress like your manager; If you’re a manager, call the general manager. If you are the general manager, the CEO is a good example for you.

3. Be polite

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Be kind to the people around you. Always say hello and don’t forget to say thank you. Avoid political and religious discussions at work, it won’t do you any good and it will hurt you. Develop your humor so people don’t get nervous when talking to you, but don’t overdo it. It’s always good to be kind and funny.

4. Stay away from gossip and eavesdropping

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Do not get involved in any gossip environment, especially do not pass on what you hear to others. Because it is not usually known who started the gossip, but it is well known who spread it. If you go into an environment where someone is chatting privately with each other, make it clear that you are there as soon as possible to protect yourself from creating the impression that you are listening to people.

5. Focus when talking to people

Don’t pay attention to the phone in your hand or the monitor in front of you when someone is telling you something. If you have an urgent business, be sure to get permission from the person in front of you and turn your attention away from him. Remember, nobody wants to feel insignificant, worthless, and if they think they are not paying enough attention, they will respond with great grudge and anger.

6. Pay attention to your body language

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When shaking hands with people or presenting, make sure your whole body is sending the right message. In some cases, even an exaggerated handshake can ruin your entire business. Learn to use your gestures and facial expressions effectively.

7. Introduce yourself correctly to people

Sometimes the person in front of you may not remember who you are, if you feel such a thing, briefly remind yourself again. If you’ve gone to an interview with other people, take the time to properly introduce them.

8. Don’t interrupt people

If you are not listening to the other person and you are interrupting him constantly, if the image you give him includes the message “I don’t care about you or what he says” and if you give such an image, it will work for you. don’t be easy.

9. Master your language

Be especially careful when using slang language. A slang word you use in an environment where you feel comfortable can hurt your career if it goes wrong. The language you use in the business environment should be above certain standards, just like the clothes you wear.

10. Alcohol problem

Pay special attention to your alcohol intake if you need to attend a semi-formal meal or entertainment as the office after office hours. If you feel very comfortable saying this meal is fun and you drink too much, you will definitely pay the price at work the next day. Pay attention to details about eating and drinking. For example, if you’re bringing food to the office, avoid strong-smelling foods that will offend others.

Yes, as you can see, doing such matters that we all know and most of which seem like small details will allow you to create a positive image that will greatly benefit your career. But if you say that these are not important, a small label mistake can cause your career that you have built over years of sweat to be turned upside down.

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