The Difficulties to be Encountered in Turkey by Foreign Students

Turkey is an important education country which attracts student from many countries of the World in recent years. Being the safest country of its region, education quality and high standard of living are among primary reasons of this circumstance.

The first problem that the foreign nationals who come from very different cultures and study in Turkey come across will be related to language and education naturally. Difference of academic language and spoken language, presence of excessive dialects and accents will make language training a little.

In a study conducted about foreign students, it has been determined that these students experience loneliness, shyness, unconformity and cultural shock and psychological problems. Especially thought of being far from home has been stated as largest problem for foreign students in every place of the World.

Health, accommodation, transportation, nutrition and economic based problems are among the troubles to be encountered for the students around the World. However the strange, tragicomic incidents that make happy later and will never happen to you in another place of the World, and you will only experience in Turkey may occur. Here, a few samples for them…

Potential Incidents to be experienced in Registrar’s Offices

There exists no student who is at the university and never go to registrar’s office, or rather the student encountering the woman who have no power for anything in registrar’s Office,  know nothing and continuously saying necessity of  talking to different persons.

Not to come across this officer who is nervous, speaks fast and reprimands permanently, repeats deficiency of certificates, failing to enter grades, requirement of talking to academician, no registrar’s office will be stopped by possibly after first grade.

Problematic of Landlord living upstairs

Dormitories having many different concepts are found in Turkey. State dormitories, private dormitories and apart sections provide quite comfortable and quality accommodation opportunity for students. However each student wants to reside with  friends in a separate house and enjoy his/her house during undergraduate education.

Each student having the idea that ultimately I am at my house and live as I wish meets the landlord who lives upstairs and have skill to intervene more than family.

  • Those who like listening music loudly should give it up.
  • Meeting at home with a lot of friends may take place everywhere outside house.
  • Slamming the door? Forget about it….
  • Even though it has strict rules as much as dormitory, you cannot return house too late. If you return, you can be faced with bombardment of questions.
  • It may require that you think a few time inviting your girlfriend or boyfriend to dinner

Lack of Change in Groceries

In spite of presence of many supermarkets and shopping centres, convenience stores still maintain their presence in Turkey. In the convenience stores where fresh bread, milk, newspaper and small needs are bought every morning, small changes at the smallest unit never exist.

To exemplify,  10 Kurus and 25 Kurus are never found in their cash points. For these amounts, grocers pay change by chewing gum in general.

Traffic Problem in Metropolitans

Most experienced problem in metropolitans such as Ankara and İzmir, notably İstanbul is traffic. A lot of public transport vehicles like subway, streetcar, bus rapid transit,   bus, minibus, shared taxi and ferry services, etc. are available.

However, high city population and a great number of private cars cause late transport in city. Especially in Istanbul, if the distance you will arrive is one hour away, going out two hours before will provide to get there on the dot.

Being waken up early on Sunday

You go to school all week, following courses on Saturday, internship, social life, you want to sleep till noon on Sunday and relieve tiredness of all week. But this may become a little hard in Turkey.

Guys who wake up early in first hours of Sunday, have breakfast and handle drill, seeking job for them on Sunday may repair some places at house.

In the most beautiful sleep of Sunday morning, sellers passing by street may put a damper on your sleep, yelling as potato, tomato or a propane delivery man’s truck may terminate all Sunday sleep plan through its announcement with melody.

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