The Conditions of Military Services for Foreigners in Turkey

Military service in Turkey, also stands out as one of the obligatory tasks for foreigners with Turkish nationality as well as for all Turkish citizens. Foreigners who are accepted to Turkish citizenship have to acquire some liabilities along with their citizenship rights. In the continuation of our article, you can find what you need to know about the military status of foreigners.

What is the Military Status of the Foreigners Acquired Turkish Citizenship and the Required Minimum Age ?

Article 2 of the Turkish Military Service Law No. 1111 is as follows:

“Foreigners and refugees, who have Turkish citizenship and those who are not legally displaced, are classified according to their age of Turkish citizenship. They should perform their military service in a similar way to soldiers of the same age and Turkish officers. ”

However, the origin is connected to a different country after the age of 22 involved in the foreign citizenship of the Republic of Turkey are exempt from military service.

According to the law published in the Official Gazette February 22, 2014, the age limit for military service in Turkey it is 21. Those who are 21 years old are called for military service that year, the first group is called every year at the beginning of February, and everyone who turns 21 becomes in service.

For example, if an immigrant enters the territory of Turkey 20 years and 30-year-old Turkish citizen, must do military service if he is under 22 years in Turkey.

Do the foreigners who completed his military services in his own country exempt from military services in Turkey ?

Only foreigners who are citizens of the specified countries can be exempted if they show a document proving their military service. These countries are Azerbaijan, Southern Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Autonomous Republic, Tatarstan, Tatar Autonomous Region, East Turkistan – Sincan Uygur Autonomous Region, Bashkortostan Autonomous Republic and Turkish origin living in Bulgaria, Western Thrace or Ahsika.

Is it possible to postpone military services in Turkey ?

It’s possible to postpone military services in Turkey with the conditions below :

  • People suffering from chronic illness will recover from their illness,
  • Until prisoners complete adjugdment processes,
  • Until high school students complete the education and graduate until they reach the age of 22, vocational school students to the age of 25, and university students until the age of 28,
  • Researchers or professional athletes in the training process can postpone military service until the age of 35.

What is Military Exemption Fee or Military Service by Payment ?

In Turkey, if you meet some required conditions, it’s possible to be exempt from military services or complete military service by payment.

Who can apply for Military Services Exemption ?        

Military exemption can be used in the following situations:

  • Turkish male citizens who have reached the age of 18 and live in Turkish territory in accordance with the periodic laws and regulations issued in certain periods,
  • 18 years of age and have at least 3 years living outside Turkey Turkish male citizens,
  • Decisions and laws will be enacted to enable Turkish citizens living in Turkish territory over the age of 18 to perform their military service under certain conditions (i.e. payment of exemption) at certain periods. These decisions are temporary and relate to the laws governing them.

How much is the cost of military services by payment ? Is it possible to pay with installment ?

The value of the military exemption fee has recently been determined as 31,000 Turkish Liras. 15,000 TL of this amount can be paid in advance. The remaining amount can be paid in equal installments within 6 months from the first installment date.

The value of the paid military service may change every year and the related changes are published in the Official Gazette with the decision of the Ministry of Defense and distributed to all units.

How to apply for military exemption (military services by payment) and where to pay the fee?

The foreigners living in the territory of Turkey with Turkish citizenship as other Turkish nationals such as exemption from military service fee is required to make an application for payment of military centers. If citizens residing outside Turkey for reference is made to the Republic of Turkey consulate in their country of residence.

After the application for military service for a fee is made at the recruitment center, the applicant is provided with a document containing the value of the amount to be paid (31,000 Turkish lira) and the name of the bank to which the payment should be made. The applicant can then take this document and take it to the relevant bank and make the payment. Then, he must make three copies of the original receipt (first installment receipt) he received from the bank and then deliver these copies to the recruitment center to which he applied. Thus, the military application for a fee is completed.

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