The Conditions For Extension Of Work Permit

The conditions for extension of work permit are so important in Turkey because you should make your extension application during valid time periods. Work permits issued to foreigners in Turkey in the first year are given as a reference. However, applications for extension of work permit can be made for two years and the workplace of the foreigner must meet certain criteria. For foreigners who have completed two years, a work permit can be extended for three years. First of all, the extension of the work permit is done by the employer as a first application or by a consultancy firm within its mandate. Foreigners cannot obtain or extend work permits on their behalf and accounts.

The required documents for extension of work permit are listed below ;

  • For a foreigner in your workplace, five Turkish insured personnel should have worked in the past one year.
  • The foreigner’s salary must be paid in full.
  • The foreigner must be paid for SGK and there should be no debt.
  • The employer should not have tax debts.
  • According to the title of the foreigner, the company must have its activity and turnover. For example, if the company works as a foreign salesman, the company should have foreign sales.
  • A total of six months in a year should be no exception over Turkey’s Foreign.
  • Working with the permission of the Foreign while residing in Turkey must be complicit in any crime.
  • Turkish citizens who will do the duty of foreigners should not be replicated.
  • The application for extension of the work permit can be made at the end of the work permit by fifty-nine days (59) and, in any case, it should be done before the last day. If the work permit extension is not carried out on time, the foreigner is sent to his own country and a re-application is made to the Turkish embassy again as the first application.
  • For a foreigner whose work permit is to be extended, it is also obligatory to have 5 insured Turkish personnel at the workplace and for work permit extension applications.

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