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11 Locations to Take Beautiful Photos in Istanbul

It’s no secret that Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in the world. This is a place where many cultures have existed for many millennia and thanks to this, the city has become a legendary architectural metropolis. Istanbul is often called the “city of contrasts”, because it is the only city that is located on the European and Asian parts at the same time.

Many people coming to Istanbul want to capture the beauty of this city forever and organize photo shoots for themselves. Today we want to tell you about the best places in Istanbul for photo shoots. It is not necessary to pay for a professional photographer, you can take beautiful photos yourself. Here are some of the best photo locations in Istanbul:

Ortakoy Mosque (Ortakoy Camii) and Bridge

Surely you have seen a lot of photos near this beautiful mosque on social networks. This is a real visiting card of Istanbul.

Ortakoy Mosque

Galata Tower and the Streets Around It From Different Angles

We also advise you to look into the Anemon Galata hotel, there is a terrace with a beautiful view of Galata that you can touch with your hand.

Galata Tower Photo Location

3. The well-known Taht roof, but at the moment photos are not taken on an open roof, but only indoors, the price per person is 150 TL.

4. Panorama near the Suleymaniye Mosque. This is one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul, the city is visible at a glance.

5. Camlica Mosque. Be sure to visit this place upon arrival in Istanbul, you can also take incredibly beautiful photos there, because the territory of the mosque is huge, the whole of Istanbul is also visible from there.

6. Seven Hills restaurant in Sultanahmet district. There are many beautiful restaurants in this area, just lift your head up and you will see an endless number of restaurants with terraces.

7. Kiz kulesi or maiden tower in Uskudar. It is also a very famous and worthy place.

8. Balat district for vintage lovers. You can walk around this beautiful area for many hours.

Karakoy District

There are streets with umbrellas everywhere, cafes with teddy bears OPS and many other unusual places with beautiful graffiti.

Karakoy District

10. Amazing fabulous coffee shop F’roses in Arnavutkey.


It was opened recently, but has already taken pride of place in my heart. This place is worth visiting both during the day in sunny weather and in the evening when all the lights are on around.

Galataport | Photo Location

In addition to all these places, do not forget that Istanbul is a secret city, here you can walk along the main street, then turn the corner and you will see an unusually beautiful place hidden from prying eyes. So, we advise you to walk and walk again. 🙂

You can read this article in Russian language: Лучшие фотолокации Стамбула

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