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Aegean, which is one of our distinguished regions where historical and natural beauties are blended, is also one of the richest places in Turkey in terms of camping places. If you are one of those who like to vacation under countless stars rather than 5-star hotels, we can say that Aegean camping places are a blessing for you. If you want, you can choose the camping areas in popular holiday destinations such as Aydın, Muğla or İzmir. If you wish, you can explore camping sites in cities such as Kütahya, Uşak, Afyon, Manisa and Denizli that have not yet been discovered by many people. In this article, we will talk about the top camping places in Aegean Region of Turkey.

Camping Places in İzmir

İzmir, the third most populous city in Turkey, is one of our provinces that has managed to preserve its natural beauties to a large extent despite the intense population growth. Especially the districts with a coastline are suitable for those who want to have a camping holiday. Coves and beaches in regions such as Karaburun, Çeşme, Urla and Foça stand out in this sense. In fact, in Izmir, you can find wonderful camping sites no matter which direction you move away from the city center. You don’t just need to focus on the beach direction like everyone else does. İzmir campsites are spread all over the city, from Ödemiş to Bergama. Check out the best free camping places in İzmir below :

  • Deliklikoy
  • Dereköy Campground
  • Nazarköy Kurudere Canyon
  • Suuçan – Türkmen Waterfall (İzmir/Manisa)
  • Buca Kaynaklar Village
  • Çeşme Cleopatra Bay
  • Çeşme Fedon Bay
  • Foça Çanak Bay
  • Urla Gerence Bay
  • Alaçatı Public Beach
  • Karaburun Badembükü Bay
  • Ilica Public Beach
  • Bergama Kestel Dam

Camping Places in Manisa

The camping places in Manisa are mostly located around Spil Mountain. There are not many paid campsites in the area, but the ones are also very clean and well-maintained. The natural lakes and dams in the east of the city are suitable places for those looking for a free camping place in Manisa. Check out the best free camping places in Manisa below :

  • Arbitrary Garden Park
  • Niobe Crying Kaya Mevki
  • Leech Lake
  • Marmara Lake

Also, you will find paid camping places in Spil Mountain National Park.

Camping Places in Aydın

Aydın, which is home to important holiday resorts such as Didim and Kuşadası, is one of our ideal cities for tent and caravan camping. Beaches and bays in these two districts attract many nature lovers every summer. In addition, Bafa Lake and the villages close to this lake are highly preferred places for tent camps in the Aegean Region. Check out the best free camping places in Aydın below:

  • Kuşadası Paradise Bay
  • Didim Sarıkum Beach
  • Akkum Sağtur Beach
  • Davutlar Beach
  • Didim Akbuk Bay
  • Pasha Plateau
  • Madran Mountain Plateau
  • Arapapıştı Canyon

Especially in Kuşadası, you will find paid different camping places all around the city.

Camping Places in Muğla

Muğla is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. It is a city whose each district is famous all over the world. The whole city is like a natural park. Therefore, the most places in the list of Aegean camping places are in Muğla. Now, let’s list the tent and caravan camp sites in Muğla, which hosts dozens of camping areas from Butterfly Valley to Katrancı Bay, Ölüdeniz to İçmeler Beach. Check out the best free camping places in Muğla below:

  • Fethiye Darboğaz Bay
  • Datça Kargı Bay
  • İnbükü Recreation Area
  • Çetibeli Forest
  • Karagözler
  • Belcekız Beach
  • Aksazlar Bay
  • Çalış Beach
  • İnlice Public Beach
  • İçmeler Public Beach
  • İçmeler Camp
  • Palamutbükü
  • Babadag
  • Soğuksu Bay
  • Kurubük

In addition, you will find many paid camping places around The Valley of the Butterflies and Kabak Bay in Muğla.

Camping Places in Uşak

Uşak, the quiet and calm city of the Aegean, is a region preferred by those looking for more unexplored camping sites. You can find places where you can camp for tents and caravans in the plateaus and villages of Uşak, which is home to many natural ponds. Ulubey Canyon Nature Park can be said to be the best paid camping site in Uşak. Check out the best free camping places in Uşak below:

  • Çamsu Plateau
  • Taşyaran Valley
  • Banaz Çorum Village
  • Evrendede Recreation Area
  • Avgan Village
  • Karahallı Alfaklar Village
  • Kizilcasöğüt Pond
  • Murat Mountain (Uşak / Kütahya)

Camping Places in Denizli

Denizli is one of the Aegean provinces where you can find many free camping areas. There are plenty of green areas suitable for tent and caravan accommodation, especially in the areas close to Honaz district. You can find paid camping sites around Pamukkale Travertines. Check out the best free camping places in Denizli below:

  • Buldan Plateau Lake
  • Kolak Lake Picnic and Camping Area
  • Beyağaç Topuklu Plateau
  • Israfil Creek
  • Gökpınar Dam
  • Nikfer Bozdag
  • Babadag Kıranyer Village
  • Buldan Sarimahmutlu Village
  • Buldan Derbent Dam
  • Gümüşsu Waterfall
  • Işıklı Lake
  • Ağlayan Kaya Yeşildere Waterfall

Camping Places in Afyon

Afyonkarahisar is one of our cities that stands out with its historical places. Apart from nature parks, there are no paid camping sites in the region. However, some parts of the city, especially İhsaniye Phrygian Valley and Eber Lake, have very suitable places for free camping. Check out the best free camping places in Afyon below:

  • İhsaniye Phrygian Valley
  • Lake Eber
  • Erkmen Town
  • Sandıklı Sorkun Village
  • Sinanpaşa Balmahmut Village
  • Tokatlı Canyon

As a final word, we can say Aegean Region is an important camping destination for nature lovers all around the world. Moreover, you will find important camping destinations in all cities free or paid.

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