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Located in the Western Black Sea Region, Zonguldak is a city famous for its mines. The city, which preserves its importance due to the fact that it contains the richest hard coal mines of Turkey, has a deep-rooted historical past. Hosting many different civilizations and bearing different cultural and historical traces, Zonguldak is a place worth seeing with its natural beauties as well as its historical riches. In this place where you will witness the magnificent harmony of green and blue, lakes, beaches, parks and caves are waiting for you.

Here are the 5 best things that you can do in Zonguldak;

You can start your journey with Zonguldak Mining Museum which was Located in Çınartepe District. Zonguldak Mining Museum conveys the traces of hard coal mining, which is the most important production source of the city, to its visitors with great success. The museum, which was opened in 2016, includes a foyer, exhibition halls, meeting room, warehouses and administrative unit rooms. The garden of the museum is used as an exhibition area.

The azure beaches of Zonguldak are as reverent as the sunset view. Let’s start with the first of these magnificent beaches… Located close to Çaycuma, Filyos Beach is known for its overflow, especially in summer. Filyos Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Zonguldak, is a beach where you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. You can also take advantage of the hotels and restaurants on the beach as you wish.

Located in the Yeşil Neighborhood of Zonguldak City center, Kapuz Beach is frequently preferred by the local people of Zonguldak, especially the youth. The beach, which is 180 meters long and 25 meters wide, is operated by the Zonguldak Municipality. Kapuz Beach, the only blue flag beach in Zonguldak, is a wonderful place in touch with the forest.

Located on the Zonguldak-Karadeniz Ereğli road, within the boundaries of Aşağıçayır Village, Ilıksu Hot Springs should definitely be on the list of places to visit in Zonguldak. It is known that the water temperature of the spa is 27 degrees and when used by drinking thermal water, it is good for the stomach, intestine and liver bile ducts. It is said that it is good for painful bodies when bathing.

The Lighthouse, Located within the borders of the center of Zonguldak,  is located 2 km from Zonguldak. The lighthouse, which is about 53 meters above sea level, was built in 1908. The tower is 9 meters high and its light can be seen 20 nautical miles away. For this reason, it is known for guiding ships passing through the Black Sea.

How to get to Zonguldak?

Zonguldak has a very wide transportation network in terms of airway, road, railway and seaway. It is possible to reach Zonguldak easily from almost every part of Turkey. Visitors who want to reach Zonguldak can easily use these transportation routes.

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