The 5 Best Things to do in Tokat – 2021

In Tokat, which is located in the Black Sea Region, some of its districts are located in the Central Anatolia Region and it has a long history. Tokat, whose oldest name was Komano in the Ancient Byzantine Period, was called by many different names and hosted many different civilizations. This place, which attracts attention with its historical buildings, is also frequently mentioned with its natural beauties.

Here are the 5 best things that you can do in Tokat;

You can visit Tokat Clock Tower. Tokat Clock Tower, located in Behzat district, was built in 1902. This clock tower, which can be seen from all over the city, was built by the governor Bekir Pasha and Enver Bey, the son of the Trustee, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid II’s ascension to the throne. The height of the tower made of cut stone is approximately 33 meters. The clock, which rings every half hour and two minutes at the beginning of the hour, can be heard all over the city.

You can visit Sulusokak. Sulusokak, a place where you will feel the deep-rooted history of tokat, has a 900-year-old history. Historical Sulusokak and its environs are one of the most ideal places where you can both feel and see these historical traces. Halit Street, which is connected to this place, is a completely different point with many historical works such as Tokat houses, which are similar to Safranbolu houses, mosques, inns, baths, madrasahs, mausoleums, covered bazaars and fountains belonging to Roman, Seljuk, Principalities and Ottoman periods. In this place, which constitutes the old city center and trade center of Tokat, there are many historical buildings such as Sulusokak Bazaar, Tokat Culture House, Yağıbasan Madrasa, Arastalı Bedesten, Deveciler Han and Yazmacı Han.

You can visit Sulusaray Thermal Springs. Sulusaray Thermal Springs, located 3 km from Sulusaray district, is frequently visited by visitors from neighboring provinces and local people. It is known that the hot spring water, which contains sulphate, sodium chloride and bicarbonate, is good for rheumatism, skin and neuralgia diseases. In the region, facilities and accommodation facilities were built in 1962, thus reviving more. There are many areas where you can eat and stay, as well as places where you can camp.

You can visit Tokat Culture House. The mansion, which is an example of civil architecture built in Baroque style, is located in Sulusokak. This mansion, which has been transformed into Tokat Culture House today, is a perfect building with skillful decorations. Tokat Culture House, an Ottoman mansion with a two-storey wooden roof, is one of the rare buildings where you can see the characteristics of the 900-year-old Anatolian Turkish architecture. You not only see a fountain and fountain reflecting the fountain culture of Tokat, but you also get the chance to see the home life of the period, furniture, curtains and accessories.

You can prefer Topçam Plateau. Topçam Plateau, located 15 km from Tokat, is a place where you will find peace in its lush green nature accompanied by the scent of pine. The height of this plateau, which will impress you with its appearance, is 1600 meters.

How to get to Tokat?

Tokat bus services are the most preferred routes for travel. The comfortable, economical, customer-oriented service of the bus allows many people to choose the bus first. Since Tokat is close to many cities, Tokat bus services can be carried out without any difficulty.

You can choose the bus or the airline to travel to Tokat. Air transportation is made directly to Tokat Airport.

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