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Sinop, whose roots date back to prehistoric times, is one of the oldest and most beautiful settlements in the Black Sea. The city, which was called Sinope in ancient times, was first established by the tribe who left Miletus and wanted to establish a new city for themselves. Sinop, located in the Central Black Sea Region, is located on the Black Sea coast, at the junction of Boztepe Cape with the land.

Here are the 5 things that you can do in Sinop,

You should see the Symbol of the City, Sinop Castle! The walls of Sinop Castle, which still continues to exist today, surround the city. The castle has two main entrance gates and the walls are 2 thousand meters high. The castle, which is in the first place among the historical buildings of Sinop in terms of importance, was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Temporary List in 2013.

Learn the Story of the Diogenes Sculpture! The Diogenes Statue, located at the narrowest point between Sinop and the mainland, was completed in 2006. The owner of the statue is Turan Baş, one of the faculty members of On Dokuz Mayıs University in Samsun. It continues to exist as one of the symbolic values of Sinop today.

Wander the Street of Lovers! The mobile artisan stalls accompany people along the street where many products are sold, from chestnuts to corn, from potatoes to cotton candy. A popular activity like walking around Aşıklar Caddesi should definitely be among the things to do in Sinop.

Watch the View of the City on Şahin Hill! The best spot where you can watch the view of Sinop, which is a beautiful city by day and night, from a bird’s eye view, is undoubtedly Şahin Hill. Hosting hundreds of tourists every year, Şahin Hill has a beauty equivalent to Istanbul’s Piyer Loti Hill! Therefore, it is known that Şahin Hill, which is one of the most remarkable tourism centers of the city, has been used as a base for a long time in the history of America to watch Russia.

The length of Boztepe Cape, also known as Sinop Cape, is about 8 – 9 kilometers from the beginning to the end. Therefore, Boztepe Cape constitutes the central point of the city. From the south side of Boztepe Cape, from the north side of Gerze, along with the entrance of Hamsilos Bay, Akliman and Başkaya Cape can be seen.

How to get to Sinop?

The distance between Sinop and Istanbul is approximately 709 kilometers. When you want to go from Istanbul to Sinop with your private vehicle, you can reach the environment in 10 hours. The distance between Samsun, which is one of the important cities of the Black Sea Region, and Sinop, is 169 kilometers. The journey by private car takes an average of 2 hours.

It is possible to reach the city by private vehicle from all cities of Turkey, and navigation applications on vehicles or smart phones offer the shortest route options. If you want to reach Sinop in a shorter time, it is recommended that you choose the airline. Sinop Airport is located approximately 8 kilometers from the city center.

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