The 5 Best Things to Do in Marmaris – 2021

Marmaris, one of the 13 districts of Muğla, is one of the holiday paradises that direct summer tourism in Turkey. Marmaris, located at the junction of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, is a long-established settlement that has shaped history in terms of location. Therefore, it has an inestimable potential in terms of historical richness, natural beauty and summer tourism. So much so that thanks to all these features, it is visited by millions of tourists every year, especially with the start of the summer season.

Here are the 5 best things that you can do in Marmaris;

Did you know that there are 36 beautiful bays in Marmaris?  Many bays that you should go and see in Marmaris are waiting for you. Most of the bays can be reached by road. While there are settlements in some bays; some are of untouched nature, that is, virgin.

The Marmaris Covered Bazaar or Bedesten, inspired by the historical covered bazaar of Istanbul, is located in the heart of the district, in a central location. In the grand bazaar, which is the most crowded and popular shopping point of Marmaris, there are shops where local products are sold. Leather, carpet, rug, local food products, jewelery, clothing and souvenir shops are in service. Many tour trips are organized to the grand bazaar, which attracts the attention of foreign tourists mostly with its authentic atmosphere, especially during the summer season. Among the most famous products in the Marmaris Grand Bazaar are Marmaris honey and Turunç jam.

You can visit Ancient cities. In short, it is an indisputable fact that Marmaris is extremely rich in terms of historical places and structures. Ancient cities are the most important of these historical buildings. Although most of the ancient cities in the city do not go beyond a few walls and castles, they are still worth seeing!

You can visit Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai .Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, a 475-year-old building, now serves as a living space with taverns, bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as small tradesmen. However, as a result of the reactions from the citizens, this historical building is planned to be turned into a museum in recent years.

There are two caves you should see in Marmaris, which fascinates everyone who has seen it in terms of natural structure as well as its ancient richness. One of them is Fosforlu Cave; the other is Nimera Cave. Both caves are located on Cennet Island; Nimera Cave is located at the entrance of the island, while Phosphorus Cave is located at the far corner of the island.

How to get to Marmaris?

Marmaris is a port city in Muğla province at the intersection of the Aegean and the Mediterranean on the southwest coast of Turkey. Marmaris, which is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey in terms of tourism, is the biggest holiday destination of the Aegean coasts. The meeting point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The closest airport to Marmaris is the International Dalaman Airport and its distance to Marmaris is approximately 88 kilometers. For transportation by plane, which is the most practical and easy way to reach Marmaris, especially from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, all major airline companies and private airlines organize numerous flights to Marmaris.

Transportation to Marmaris by road has also become very convenient and comfortable with the arrangements made on the roads in recent years. There are bus services to Marmaris from many cities, especially Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, by your private vehicle.

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