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Gases, a branch of Simerians with its history dating back to the 18th century BC, were still alive. Thus, it got its name as Gas tumanna, which means the city of Gases. Over time, this name has transformed and has come to the present day as Kastamonu. Kastamonu, which has a very old past, manages to attract the attention of travelers with its nature and history. Kastamonu is a city located in the Black Sea Region of the Republic of Turkey. The city, which is located in the valley of the Karaçomak Stream, a branch of Gökırmak, is 774 meters above sea level. Kastamonu, also known as the city of Evliyalar, is one of the oldest cities in Anatolia, there are many historical artifacts belonging to the antiquity and the Turkish-Islamic period.

Here are the 5 best things that you can do in Kastamonu;

You can visit Horma. You can hike up to Ilıca Waterfall, starting from Horma, which has specially arranged walking areas and resting places. The canyon, which brings together the most beautiful places of the Black Sea Region, is highly preferred by people who like to take nature photographs. You will enjoy the view by watching the canyon from the hill comfortably where you sit. With its majestic rocks and mountains, it will be a pleasure to travel on the rocks that reach the sky. With the walking track, an area where you can be in the lap of nature has been created with care.

You can visit Kastamonu Castle. Kastamonu Castle, which has become the symbolic structure of the city, has a very important place with its deep-rooted history. The castle, which has been repaired many times since its construction, has survived to the present day with some parts. The castle, which is built on a natural rock, can be seen magnificently from many points of the city with this location. The castle, which was repaired by Kastamonu Municipality in 2005, is 120 meters high from the center, but it is very easy to access.

You can examine Inebolu houses. Inebolu Houses, built on three floors, are in burgundy and white colors and usually have cute houses with fruit trees such as plum, hazelnut, mulberry, apple, walnut in their gardens, water well and gazebo.

You can visit the Clock Tower. The Clock Tower, located on Sarayüstü Hill, on the pendant of the Government House, is one of the iconic structures. There is a story of exile for this tower among the people.

You can visit Valla Canyon. Valla Canyon, which is formed as a result of the erosion caused by the Devrekani Stream in the Küre Mountains, increases the number of visitors every year with its unique manra and the activities it offers. The most important feature of the canyon is that it is the second deepest canyon in the world.

How to get to Kastamonu?

Kastamonu Airport is 12 km from the city center. Turkish Airlines has regular direct flights from Istanbul Airport to Kastamonu. Istanbul-Kastamonu flight time is 1 hour 25 minutes.

There are direct bus services to Kastamonu from many cities in Turkey. Located in a difficult geography in terms of transportation in the Western Black Sea, the city is not located on the busy road route.

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