The 5 Best Things to do in Corum – 2021

The population of our Çorum district, which is located in the Black Sea and the Central Anatolia Region, is 530 thousand people in total. Çorum, whose history goes back to 7 thousand years, is as important in the history of humanity as it is in the history of Anatolia. Corum, which has an important place as much as the Egyptian Civilization, was the capital of the Hittites and contains many cultural values.

Here are the 5 best things that you can do in Çorum;

You can visit Hattusha. The ancient city of Hattusha, which was the capital of the Hittite Empire, has remained an important center for years in the history of Anatolia. The city, which is located 4 kilometers from Çorum’s Boğazkale district, has spread over a wide area as it has hosted many civilizations in history. Between the 17th and 13th centuries BC, the period when it was the capital lived its highest time.

You can visit Çorum Castle. Çorum Castle, which is the subject of Evliye Çelebi’s Travel Book, is located in Kale Mahallesi in the city center. No information is available about when the castle was built, and typical Seljuk architecture features are encountered. Çorum Castle, which is among the oldest buildings in the city, is one of the most enjoyable spots to visit.

You can visit the clock tower. According to the information obtained from the inscription of the tower, its construction dates back to 1896 and the clock tower, which was built by Yedisekiz Hasan Pasha, who suppressed the Ali Suavi incident in Istanbul, is located in the center of Çorum. The height of the Çorum Clock Tower is 27.50 meters and it connects Osmancık, İskilip and Gazi streets. The clock tower, whose appearance resembles a minaret, is an Ottoman period work.

You can visit Ali Pasha Bath. Ali Pasha Bath, located right next to the Çorum Clock Tower, is the largest bath in the city. The bath, which was built by Erzurum Beyler Bey Ali Pasha in 1573, was operated by the foundations organization from the date of its construction until 1943.

You can visit Incesu Canyon. Incesu Canyon, which is called Uzungeçit by the locals, is 12 kilometers long and is among the places that trekking lovers will love besides rafting and other nature sports. There are rocks on both sides and wall reliefs belonging to the Hellenistic period, water cisterns and beam hollows on these rocks.

How to get to Çorum?

It is possible to reach Çorum from the big cities in all regions of Turkey by intercity bus. The journey to be made by intercity bus takes a little longer than the journey to be made by private vehicle. The duration of all journeys and the ticket price vary according to the distance from the departure point to the city and the selected company. There is no airport in Çorum, but the closest airport to the city center is Amasya Merzifon Airport. There are flights from the major cities of Turkey to this airport, where domestic flights are made, and the journey is thus reduced to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The distance between Amasya Merzifon Airport and Çorum city center is 65 kilometers. There are transfer services, taxi and buses that provide transportation to the bus station from the airport to Çorum. Another alternative is to rent a car.

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