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Bolu, a city located in the western Black Sea part of our country, is a very important transit point on the Ankara and Istanbul road and can be easily reached. With a population of approximately 311,810 people, the livelihood is generally in the forestry, industry and agriculture sectors.

Here are the 5 best things that you can do in Bolu;

You can start your journey with Bolu Museum. In the Bolu Museum located in the city center of Bolu, the Museum Office was established in 1975 to display the assets obtained from the district and its surroundings. The Museum Office, which continued its activities within the Fine Arts Gallery for a certain period, moved to the Bolu Cultural Site building, which was completed in 1976 in the area known as Firka Hill, where it still continues to serve today. One year later, it was opened to exhibit the collection works it owns.

You can have a Picnic at Sunnet Lake Nature Park. There is an artificial island in the middle of the lake formed by the clogging as a result of the earthquake in a deep valley, where there are ducks, geese, children’s playground and a facility. So much so that cute animals like rabbits wandering around the area where children play create a fun mood. You can have a picnic and a walk in the greenery around the lake or have a meal at the trout facilities on the lake.

You can camp in Aladağ Göksu Nature Park. Aladağ Göksu Nature Park, one of the popular spots where you can camp in the city, is an indispensable place for nature lovers. The park, which is open to service in all seasons of the year, hosts quite frequent visitors especially from Ankara and its accessibility is easy.

You can enjoy the Pool in Akkaya Travertines. If you come to Bolu, one of the things to do is definitely Akkaya Travertines and they are likened to Pamukkale Travertines. Akkaya, which impresses visitors with its white appearance, can be drunk with soda water from its spring. Travertines, which have a temperature of over 20 degrees, gain the appearance they have as a result of the remaining lime as the carbon gas of the rich water coming out from underground is blown.

You can Visit the Historic Mudurnu Houses. The district, which succeeded to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014, is also known as Mudurnu Historical Ahi City. Armutçular Mansion and Keyvanlar Mansion should especially be visited! It reflects the most examples of old civil architecture.

How to get to Bolu?

There are bu services from almost every city for passengers who choose to reach Bolu by intercity bus. Although transportation by bus takes longer than transportation by private car, companies offer their passengers a comfortable journey. In the intercity bus transportation from Istanbul to Bolu, the journey is completed in an average of 4 hours. While the ticket prices vary according to the companies, it is between 55 – 70 TL.

It is possible to reach Bolu from all cities of Turkey by private vehicle. In recent years, the navigation application on all vehicles or mobile phones offers the most practical transportation options for passengers.

For passengers traveling from Istanbul to Bolu by private vehicle, the distance is 270 km and the average travel time is 3 hours 30 minutes. Transportation is provided on the Anatolian Highway / O-4 / E80.

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