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Batman is the cradle of Mesopotamia, a city that has witnessed the endless wars of civilizations for thousands of years. The mysterious city Batman, witnessing history on the Tigris River in Turkey, is a city where development and life continues today. Batman, which is under the influence of the Terrestrial Climate, is one of the cities where the winters are harsh and the summers are hot and dry. Therefore, the most suitable period for Batman travel will be intermediate seasons such as Spring and Autumn. Because the weather is softer during these periods.

Here are the 5 things that you can do in Batman;

First of all, you can visit Hasankeyf. In addition to being the most important value of Batman, Hasankeyf, which is the precious historical heritage of the city, which has a very important position in the world. This ancient city, home to thousands of years of civilizations, where wars that shaped history were fought, has a history of 11 thousand years according to historical data. This heritage, which survived from the Neolithic age to the present day, was taken under protection in 1981. The ancient city, which has witnessed many wars from the development of humanity to the traces of agriculture, is located on the Tigris River, drawing attention with its historical castle and residential areas. When you come to Hasankeyf, Hasankeyf Yolgeçen Han is one of the famous sightseeing places that everyone can talk about. Known as the place where everyone enters and exits, the cave, named after Yolgeçen Han, is one of the most important historical and natural formations under Hasankeyf Castle.

One of the historical sightseeing spots you can see when you come to Batman is Hallan Çemi Mound. If you are one of those who enjoy visiting and examining archaeological excavations, you can visit the Hallan Çemi Mound by going to Kaletepe Village, which is located in the Kozluk district of the city. Carrying traces from the Neolithic period, the mound reveals a very impressive life story with its 11 thousand years of history. Hallan Çemi, one of the oldest historical mounds in the region, is known as Çemi Holla among the people.

Batman Museum can also be one of your choice. Batman Museum, one of the important museums of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, provides service with three halls. In the halls consisting of Neolithic, Ilısu and Hasankeyf, artifacts from the Paleotic period are exhibited.

Then, Tov Art Center is one of the cultural activity stops in the city center of Batman where you can have a pleasant time. The art center, which was established with a private initiative, is definitely a place in the city for those interested in culture and art.

Lastly, Hasankeyf Castle, located in Hasankeyf, which is considered as one of the most important historical heritage of Batman, is located in the summit region on the 135-meter-high hill on the edge of the impressive Tigris River in the region.

How to get to Batman?

You can reach the city from big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul by taking advantage of airline companies.

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