The 5 Best Things to Do in Bartın – 2021

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It is a province located on the west side of the Black Sea Region, and in 1991 it separated from Zonguldak and became the 74th province. Bartın, which has a 59-kilometer coastline, is surrounded by the Bartın Stream, which bears the same name. The province, which has four districts, eight towns and 265 villages in total, has a population of approximately 193 thousand people.

Here are the 5 best things that you can do in Bartın;

The Crying Tree in Boztepe is also named after the tea garden in it. If you ask where the name of the tree comes from, the 300-350-year-old cypress tree gives back the moisture it has taken from the sea and air in the form of raindrops in the spring and autumn periods. For this reason, it is a place that deserves to be seen in spring and autumn.

Bakacak Hill, which lays out all the beauty of Amasra, reaches a very high number of visitors during the summer months. There is a binocular on the hill, you can observe the marina, sailing ships and fishing boats with binoculars. You can enjoy the moment by eating corn made from embers or boiled.

Located 3 kilometers from Kurucaşile, the coastal province of Bartın, the beach takes its name from Kapısuyu Village where it is located. With its 1 kilometer long beach, it encounters intense visitor interest from the surrounding provinces and districts. Kapısuyu, with its fine sand and wavy sea, offers a natural environment with its surrounding green areas. The deepening and shallow sea constitutes the preference point for families with children and those who do not know how to swim.

Rabbit Island, which is one of the important places of the region, is located directly opposite the Amasra Kemere Bridge. On the island, which has no connection with the land, there is the Byzantine Church, which remained Genoese. It takes its name from the rabbits that were left to the island by the people long ago and still exist. There is a story about a rock cave at the far end of the island, where people who had a disease in ancient times hoped that they would get well by coming here. At the other end is a cave. It has a length of 70 meters and you can swim.

The park, which has the same name as the village where it is located, was declared as a nature park in 2011. No specific area has been translated and its boundaries are not clear. For this reason, you may have difficulty finding or understanding.

How to get to Bartın?

Transportation to Bartın can be provided by road, seaway, railway and airway. However, among these options, the most preferred transportation is by road.

There are private vehicle and intercity bus alternatives among the transportation options by road.

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