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Tesla To Set Up Factory In Mexico

Tesla To Set Up Factory In Mexico

It has been announced that the world-famous electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla will open a new factory in Mexico. It was stated that due to the drought, the brand will use recycled water in the entire production process.

Tesla will open a factory in Mexico. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced at a press conference that they had a video call with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and agreed to establish a factory in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon state in the north of the country.

Stating that the Tesla factory to be opened is an important investment for the country and will create many jobs, Obrador stated that Musk accepted some conditions presented to him due to the drought and water scarcity in the region.

Tesla to set up factory in Mexico


According to the agreement between Musk and Obrador, the newly opened factory will reportedly use recycled water in the entire production process, including water treatment of electric vehicles.

Tesla to set up factory in Mexico

Obrador, in his previous statement, said that he did not consider it appropriate to establish the Tesla factory here due to the water shortage in the state of Nuevo Leon and the excessive water consumption of the companies operating in the region. However, it was stated that Musk convinced Obrador by accepting the terms regarding the recycling of water.

The state of Nuevo Leon, which is in the north of Mexico and neighbors the US state of Texas, is known as the region where drought is most common in the country and where the population experiences great water shortages.

Tesla to set up factory in Mexico

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