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Tesla has a lottery: Free Model 3 Performance for Whoever Buys a Tesla Car for a Friend!

Tesla has a lottery: Free Model 3 Performance for Whoever Buys a Tesla Car for a Friend!

Tesla will launch a new lottery and give Model 3 Performance free of charge to people who buy Tesla vehicles for their friends. Here are the details about the lottery!

Electric car giant Tesla has launched a lottery campaign. The rule of the exciting campaign is clear; buy a Tesla car for your friend and get a free Model 3 Performance.

It is thought that Tesla has launched such a campaign to increase sales as it aims to produce 20 million vehicles a year by 2030.

There are Other Advantages!

The dream of having a friend buy a Tesla car and get a free Tesla car has already spread. However, the company will have advantages other than offering the Model 3 Performance for free.

In this campaign, which is only valid in the US, advantages such as software upgrades, Supercharger access, factory tours will also be offered. Apart from these, the most important opportunity is the priority right for Cybertruck.

Tesla has a lottery

Tesla’s Cybertruck, which will be released soon, has received more than 1 million pre-orders. The vehicle is expected to create a great movement in the market with its air suspension and durable coating.

US citizens are already mobilizing for their chance to win the Model 3 Performance worth 53 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, this campaign is not valid in Turkey.

The winners will be announced in October. If there is enough participation in this campaign, it is thought that the company will focus more on such raffles.

So what do you think about Tesla’s campaign? You can share your comments with us in the section below.

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